The Top 10 Workology Podcast Episodes for HR and Recruitment Practitioners

In September 2014, I started the Workology Podcast after nearly three years of telling my friend and now producer, Peter Clayton that I wanted to create a podcast. I’m not sure he really believed I would ever actually do a podcast, but I finally did. I launched my Workology Podcast designed as a place for senior HR and recruitment leaders to discuss the art and science of the workplace, HR and recruitment. Originally, designed to be 45 minutes long which was the average commute time, it’s shrunk in length to 15-25 minutes but the original goal of serving up new and interesting points of view about the workplace hasn’t changed.

The podcast topics and people I interview vary because honestly, my interests vary, and I think practitioners in our industry should be well-rounded in the topics they discuss, learn and hear about.

Top 10 Workology Podcast Episodes

Podcasting has been great. It’s opened up the opportunity to meet new people, learn about different topics and push my professional and personal boundaries which really was my goal from the beginning. It’s forced me to be a better speaker, and I’ve learned to speak and craft a script. I’m approaching the 100th episode of the Workology Podcast which is why I thought it would be fun to look back at our top 10 podcasts.

Here are my top 10 podcasts based on the number of downloads from our 10th most popular to number 1. I think the topics and guests that drove the most listens out of 100 podcasts just might surprise you.

#10 – Ep 17 – 2015 HR Tech Predictions

This podcast was a fun one and includes three separate interviews from Josh Bersin, Bill Kutik and Meghan M. Biro where we take a look at the HR technology predictions. It’s been nearly a year and a half since this interview. Were our experts predictions correct? | Access Transcript

#9 – Ep 82 – Why I Joined Advanced Group as the VP of Talent Strategies

Earlier this year I surprised many of my readers, friends and colleagues by announcing my return to a corporate practitioner role as the VP of Talent Strategies with the Advanced Group. I talk about why I made the change and hear from the CEO, Leo Sheridan what the company is all about. | Access Transcript

#8 – Ep 64 – The Changing Role of Job Boards in HR and Recruiting

Many including myself have called for the end of job boards, however, they remain an effective way to attract candidates to job openings. In this interview you’ll hear from Pete Weddle and Peter Weddle of TA Tech on the future of job boards, what’s new and how they are evolving. | Access Transcript

#7 – Ep 21- What Is Employee Motivation?

I had the fortune of sitting next to author and employee motivation expert, Susan Fowler on a flight from Las Vegas. Susan talks in this interview out intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors and how leaders can get their teams excited, engaged and motivated to come to work. | Access Transcript

#6 – Ep 30 – High Tech New Hire Paperwork for Onboarding

Onboarding is one of those critical points in an employee’s time with an organization. It sets the tone and standard for the rest of the employee and employer relationship. Technology can elevate those efforts and really set the bar. Former TalentWise CEO, Todd Owens. TalentWise merged with by Sterling Background Check to become Sterling Talent Solutions where Todd is now the COO. | Access Transcript

#5 – Ep 61 – 3 Emerging HR Technologies

One of my favorite and most popular episodes of the podcast is my annual roundup of emerging HR technologies as part of my pre-conference coverage for the HR Technology Conference. In this episode, we talk to startups like Local Work, Hyphen and ZoomForth. | Access Transcript

#4 – Ep 28 – FMLA, Workers’ Compensation & Disability Update

I call FMLA, Workers Compensation and the ADA the triple threat. This podcast episode is a special one as we continue the conversation from a webinar where we covered these topics and answered audience questions with employment law attorneys, Casey Sipe and Eric B. Meyer. | Access Transcript

#3 – Ep 89 – Is Google Really Launching a Job Board?

That what some pundits want you to believe. Google recently changed how they index and display job postings. We talked with job board expert, Chris Russell who breaks down how Google’s changes in their job posting display and algorithm will likely impact job search and postings. | Access Transcript 

#2 – Ep 57 – Using Strengths Finder in the Workplace

My good friend, Rhonda Boyle weighs in on how to use Gallup’s Strength Finder at your workplace. I, myself am a Strengths Finder nerd. Rhonda helps to make sense of your strengths and how to take better work, collaborate and engage your employees, peers and team members with the Strengths Finder. She walks us through what your top strengths really mean and what your weakest strengths really mean. | Access Transcript

#1 – Ep 73 – How to Hire for Culture Fit Like Southwest Careers

Hands down one of my favorite interviews. I talk about Southwest’s Chief People Officer, Julie Weber about their hiring process, what they look for in candidates and why culture fit trump experience. It’s a great interview that really speaks to the important of the Southwest people first philosophy. | Access Transcript

That’s it. That’s my top 10 most listened to podcasts for the Workology Podcast where we discuss the science and art of the workplace. I want to provide a different look at human resources and recruitment focusing on providing resources and information for the HR and recruitment practitioner.


*A special thank you to my production team at Total Picture Radio.

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