Ep 61 – New Emerging HR Technologies (Part 4) #HRTechConf

One thing is certain in this world for me and that’s my love of technology especially HR technology. This podcast is part three of a now four part series where I introduce my podcast listeners and blog readers to a group of new and emerging HR technologies. These podcast(s) include a series of short mini-interviews where I talk with CEOs and Founders of disruptive and impacting-making HR and recruiting technologies.

In this increasingly active and crowded industry, it’s hard for new, disruptive and creative HR and recruiting technologies to rise above the noise and connect with practitioners. Chances are your email inbox is overflowing with demo requests, iPad contests and requests for phone call meetings. This podcast is about connecting with founders and new tech in a casual, personal and conversational way.

Ep 61 – New Emerging HR Technologies (Part 4) #HRTechConf

The HR technology industry is one of the hottest investments for investment firms and venture capital with new startups and companies popping up every day. In the first half of 2015, over $811 million dollars was invested in HR tech. HR Technology is accounting for a growing percentage of investments in all of venture capital. This week I chatted with Derek Gillaspy (@derekgillaspy) who shared with me research he’s uncovered that demonstrates HR tech now accounts for 4% of all venture investments in 2015.

In this podcast series I talk with HR technology companies who are driving innovation and change each in different ways. You can check out Part 1,  Part 2 & Part 3 of this podcast series.

Meet Chris Murphy of ZoomForth (@zoomforth)

Employment branding is a growing area in HR technology as recruiters become more refined in the engagement and employment branding efforts. We are more concerned than ever before with consistency, messaging and engagement leveraging all our recruiting touches, events and channels unifying them yet making it easy for hiring managers, recruiters and other leaders outside of the recruitment space.

Chris Murphy is the CEO and co-founder of ZoomForth. They provide recruiting teams a way to unify brands and messaging with easy to use and intuitive technologies. Administrators set up templates for use by recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers who are involved in the process for consistency in messaging, branding and marketing. They product is making waves and helping to establish branding standards and process in recruiting. l, myself have learned the hard way.

Meet Ryan Naylor of LocalWork (@localwork)

Ryan Naylor is the CEO of LocalWork. They are a job board and culture platform that helps small to medium sized companies showcase the company culture, brand and career opportunities. Ryan comes from the small business world having worked in design before launching LocalWork geared at providing companies with beautiful and engaging ways to recruit, hire and connect with candidates.

Ryan and his company are based in Phoenix. His job board platform reaches job seekers all across the United States and North America.

Meet Arnaud Grunwald of Hyphen. (@hyphenapp)

Engagement and retention are just as important as recruiting and hiring high quality candidates in this tight job market. Arnaud Grunwald the CEO and founder of HyphenApp provides a real time engagement solution for employers. I love their commitment to mobility. They offer Android and IOS apps as well as a desktop interface. Companies can engage, survey and understand the needs, interests and feelings of their employees in real time so they can make meaningful and quick change. I really love this technology. The traditional employee survey process takes too long and doesn’t quickly facilitate organizational change.



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