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HR technology is a $15 billion industry in 2015. Episode 17 of the Workology Podcast is a special one. It’s a series of three fifteen minute interviews discussing 2015 human resources technology trends, predictions and insights into the market from Bill Kutik, Josh Bersin and Meghan M. Biro. Let’s dive right into the 2015 HR Technology Predictions and Trends episode…

HR Tech Insights from Josh Bersin, @josh_bersin

Josh is a prolific thinker, analyst and writer who does an amazing job serving as the ambassador to the HR industry. His articles, research and insights are some of the best in the industry, and I was lucky enough to have Josh on the podcast sharing what changes we will see in HR technology in 2015. Josh, who contributes to Forbes recently published an article on talent analytics which I’ve linked to in the resources below. He says that only 4% of HR departments are utilizing predictive analytics in HR and talent acquisition. Josh shares why this number is so low, the opportunity that predictive analytics offers and where he sees this area growing. Most HR technology products offer metrics and dashboard analytics but predictive analytics goes beyond these measures helping talent acquisition and HR leaders make better hiring, succession and forecasting decisions when it comes to our most expensive and valuable asset, the employee. Connect with Josh Bersin on LinkedIn.

HR Tech History Lessons from Bill Kutik, @billkutik

Bill  is a fixture in the industry. He needs no introduction. Talking with Bill is like accessing an interactive encyclopedia and history book of human resources technology. He’s also moderated or been a panelist of 102 conference sessions and/or conversations. Bill has his own podcast called the Bill Kutik Radio Show. Bill talks about some companies that have his attention including Gild and the impact that a company like Zenefits is making. We also talked about the introduction of machine learning in HR technology which is something I noticed at the 2014 HR Tech Conference. Companies like Cornerstone’s purchase of Evolv, IBM’s Watson and Saba’s machine learning make this an interesting advancement to watch. During my time with Bill, I was feverishly taking notes. He has so much knowledge and insights. Be sure to give his interview a listen. Connect with Bill Kutik on LinkedIn.

Coffee Talk with Meghan M. Biro, @meghanmbiro

Meghan M. Biro is the founder of TalentCulture. She is a former recruiter turned thought leader who spends a great deal of time talking with HR technology companies and practitioners working hard to get the pulse on the important trends and aspects of the industry. One thing about Meghan is her energy. It’s contagious. She co-hosts her own radio show hence, her instinct to interview the interviewer. You will have to listen in to hear how Meghan takes control of the Workology Podcast. Meghan also talks about big data and how companies like IBM are growing in this area. Her recent article published on Forbes about 5 disruptors for 2015 is on the money (link in resources below). Connect with Meghan M. Biro on LinkedIn.

HR Technology 2015 Predictions

What does 2015 have in store for HR and it’s supporting technology? I have a few ideas of my own. Look for a series on trends, predictions for human resources, talent acquisition and recruiting from me in the coming days. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast listed below.


Talent Analytics Market Heats Up by Josh Bersin

5 Trends Uncovered at 2014 HR Technology Conference

A Hot New Small Company HRMS by Bill Kutik

Be Bold in the New Talent Market by Meghan Biro

5 Disruptors in the World of Work for 2015  by Meghan Biro

Timeline of HR Tech Fundings, Mergers and Acquisitions


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