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A letter from Our founder

I’m excited to share with you that at Workology we have honed in our focus in who we serve. We are committed to the personal and professional development of EVERY HR leader. Our mission is educating the HR industry.

The focus on growth and development is not a new one at Workology, however, our commitment is primarily focused in four areas:

  • HR certification preparation for HRCI and SHRM
  • HR professional development and coaching
  • Training and education of HR service providers and technologies
  • Support for new managers

Our mission is squarely focused on the elevation of HR focused on accessible training and resources available online. I love my work, and I’m committed to my team and our HR community for the long haul.

With our commitment to our own continuous growth, this is the natural next step to even greater success in how we support HR. Our mission has evolved as has our offerings in how we elevate HR.

You’ll notice updated training and newly designed resources and research, but our products and services will continue to align with our core mission. We are a training and performance coaching company for the HR industry.

We help HR industry leaders and their teams get the training, support, and resources they need to drive extraordinary results and support the organizations they serve.

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We could tell you about how Workology supports HR and recruiting leaders every day, but we’d rather you hear it from them. See what people are saying about Workology!

I finally did it! I earned my degree and I passed the SHRM CP exam in one take! Huge thank you to Jessica Miller-Merrell, for supporting my self-study efforts, I couldn’t have done this without you!

Shara Kyles

Student @ Workology

Thank you! I love Workology. It was a nice pace of change from the constant text of the LMS.

Lauren Mamouzelos
Student @ Workology

I personally subscribed to Jessica Miller-Merrell’s audio course – I have an hour commute everyday. This has been a life saver for some of the dead time I have. Love it!

Justin Burns
Student @ Workology

How can we help you today?

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