Improving Your Culture By Involving Your Employees

Improving Your Culture By Involving Your Employees

With engagement levels down and social media popularity up, why aren’t more companies trying to get their employee’s involved in their social media strategy to help improve their corporate culture?  Tony Hsieh said it best “Your culture is your brand.”  The need for developing outward facing marketing material dissolves when you have a healthy, transparent culture that you feel comfortable sharing with the public.  Having great culture can even earn you some free PR.   A great social media strategy to improve corporate culture, sharing of your social media posts, and improve engagement?  Feature your employees.  Here are some social media ideas starring your people to promote your corporate culture.

  • Take a Selfie with your CEO.  While  your corporate selfie may not break  Twitter, a team selfie is fun for everyone!  It gives you something other than a stock photo to spice up your social media posts, great for attracting talent (“How cool, the CEO takes selfies!” Says potential candidates) and shows your company has a pulse on what’s trending.  Here’s our team’s selfie.
  • Buzzfeed Quizzes – I’m guilty of taking every Buzzfeed quiz and being shocked at how right they are.  Your employees are probably taking them too.  Why not share results with each other to learn more about what makes each other unique?  Or create your own quizzes to find out each employee’s work style.  When you know someone’s results to “Which Real Housewife Are You Quiz” you may know a bit more than you bargained for about the person, but knowing the person is  “Nene” from Real Housewives of Atlanta can offer insight into someone’s work style when working on a project with someone you don’t know a whole lot about.
  • Write your own 25 Things that are Worse than Working at Your Company.  Even great companies have stuff to improve on.  Do an anonymous poll, having people submit things they dislike about working there.  Make it a funny infographic about what is not so great about working at your company and then tackle some ways to improve.  Keep people posted on improvements to the situation with “25 Things that are Getting Awesome Here.”
  • Use your people in your outward facing marketing material.  A great way to say thanks for working here, make your people feel special, and save a little money on marketing?  Use your own people.  Take a page out of Red Venture’s corporate culture play book, giving their employees a camera to create a commercial for them.
  • Get a meme going.  There may already be a few floating around, so why not get an official one going?  There is probably something ridiculous about your company that everyone would love to poke a little fun at.  Make it a fun contest. May the best meme caption win.

What are your favorite social media trends that you could see your employees starring in that also has a positive impact on culture and engagement?  Holla!!

Stephanie Krieg

Stephanie Krieg aka HRChick is the Founder of HR Culture Club. She is a corporate culture consultant, who makes work fun while gettin' sh*t done. In her spare time, she enjoys club hopping, bottle popping, and online shopping. Connect with Stephanie.

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  1. Lisa - Good.Co says

    Awesome suggestions! I heard about a company that tweeted about a backflip competition they were having at the office. Not for everyone (certainly not for the older or less-than-athletic set), but really fun. As for quizzes, why not encourage everyone on your team to complete the 3-minute work style assessment on Good.Co? It’ll tell you where your strengths lie, where you have overlap and where you might be missing some key skills. You can also collectively build a profile for your company that can give potential employees an accurate idea of what life at your company is like, and make sure only the best fits head your way. It’s at least as fun as a BuzzFeed quiz, and could prove far more helpful.
    Cheers! Lisa Chatroop, Good.Co


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