Why Your Company Needs a Purpose Statement

Mission statements should be extinct.  Companies should choose to have a purpose statement over a mission statement. Let’s start with the definition of the word mission: a specific task with which a person or group is charged.  The word mission has roots in religious and military vernacular.  A mission statement generally tells everyone how we […]

What You Can Learn from Mindvalley and Corporate Culture #shrm14

Company Culture Practises Borrowed From MindValley I frequently get asked what my favorite company is since I stalk companies like some people stalk their ex’s.  My favorite company is a company located in Kuala Lampur called Mindvalley.  If you’ve never heard of Mindvalley, they are one of few companies in the world that outspokenly use […]

Corporate Culture 101

People often ask me what makes a good culture.  For some, it may be beer in the company fridge, for others it may be having a lot of processes in place for everyday activities.  Everyone has different components that they like to see in a culture.  One company’s idea of a fun celebration may be […]

Fun at Work Is Key to Decreasing Employee Disengagement

If cultures like Rackspace, Zappos, and Quicken Loans speak to you, we may be corporate culture soul mates.  To me, the best cultures are the ones created to embrace their fun sides like these companies.   Fun at Work Is Key to Decreasing Employee Disengagement   Fun doesn’t necessarily mean booze combined with getting hit […]

3 Ways to Sell Your Company Culture & Story

The people who tell the best stories land the best jobs.  The job descriptions that tell the best story attract the best people.   The companies that tell the best stories attract these people to their culture.  Culture is a constant work in progress which means your company probably has a story behind the direction […]

I Love It When You Call Me Big Data #BigDataHR

This week on Blogging4Jobs, we are focusing on the theme Big Data sponsored by Jibe. Jibe provides cloud-based recruiting technology solutions that enable talent acquisition teams to strategically identify, attract and engage candidates. Join us April 10th 2014 at 3pm to talk Big Data on Twitter using the hashtag #BigDataHR and join our webinar, “What’s the Big Deal […]