How to Use #Selfie in Corporate Culture

Selfie was named word of the year and millennials are blowing up newsfeeds with these glorious, self indulgent pictures.  As HR we can harness their pictures and incorporate these pics into a recruiting campaign.  Here are this chicks thoughts on incorporating duck lips into your recruiting strategy.

How popular are selfies

If you are bored at work and you are a Millennial, you are in your car or in the bathroom snapping away pictures of yourself.  To give you an idea of the popularity of selfies, currently the Instagram #selfie and #selfies has a combined total of about 58 million posts to date.  #Work has 16.7 million posts, #likeaboss has 1.8 million posts, and #career has about 285,500 posts.  More than likely your company already has a few bathroom pics posted under #selfie as millennials clearly love themselfies!

How to make Selfies part of Recruiting

Millennials are taking tons of selfies while they are on the clock, why not figure out how to integrate duck and sparrow faces into your recruiting campaign. Recruiting is all the people, the people are all about their selfies.

  • Use their Selfies to promote your culture on social media – Sparrow faces of a feather flock together and if  you hire for a cultural fit, post their selfies with a small blurb about them on your company’s social media page to recruit other great hires.
  • Take their Selfies to Vine, Instagram, or You Tube.  – Challenge them to up their selfie game and record a short video starring themselves stating why it’s so great to work at the company.  Or have them capture fun events around the office and unselfishly post themselves (and others) at work.
  • Make it fun. – A referral contest via Snapchat submitting selfies of future great hires, a hiring campaign with #companynamehiring, Tweeting their selfies and a bio in 140 characters or less; the ideas are endless.

Millennials are sneaking selfies in the bathroom and in their cars on your dime.  Might as well embrace their true selves, turning your dime into a dollar, and selfishly use their selfie to hire other great selves.  Got any more thoughts on how to leverage the selfie?  Holla!

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Stephanie Krieg

Stephanie Krieg aka HRChick is the Founder of HR Culture Club. She is a corporate culture consultant, who makes work fun while gettin' sh*t done. In her spare time, she enjoys club hopping, bottle popping, and online shopping. Connect with Stephanie.


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