Using SEO for Your Company Career Site and Landing Page

EO for HR and recruitment strategies

SEO Strategies to Build a Qualified Candidate Pipeline When it comes to job posting and recruitment strategies, I favor a mix between social media, SEO, content distribution, and the use of more traditional job boards.  Strategies like this are not one size fits all but involve a number of moving parts driving web traffic in […]

SEC, NFL, & Marines Say, "No Tweets for You."

New Social Media policy for Soldiers

First the NFL, the Marines, and now the SEC.  Is your company next? What a difference a year makes.  Twitter and other social media platforms like Facebook and Friendfeed have grown at an enormous rate over the last 12 months.  According to Quantcast, a website quantifier, there were 26.5 Million Twitter users in the United States in June 2009 compared to a little more than […]

The Role of RSS Job Feeds in Social Recruitment

This is a Workology series discussing social recruiting. Click here to get started from the beginning. Advertising has been a great source of candidates in the history of recruitment and hiring. In the early days word of mouth or business signage was used to turn customers into candidates at our shops and places of business. […]

How to Use Pokemon Go As a Secret Recruiting Weapon

Check out the results of my first Pokemon Go recruiting event and lessons learned by clicking here.  Like millions of Americans, I’ve caught the Pokemon Go fever. You might see me walking aimlessly in my neighborhood or along the streets of Chicago where I traveled last week. You might see me wandering around with my phone […]

How to Use Social Media Policies: Communicating and Training Your Employees

In Part 1 of “How to Write Social Media Policies Series,” I discussed the myths around social media.  In Part 2, I outlined paid and free social media monitoring tools organizations can use, and in Part 3, I share some scenarios that companies and HR teams may have already encountered when branding on social media networks. In Part […]

Disparate Impact & Disparate Treatment in the Workplace

social media, discrimination, disparate, workplace

In Social Media Recruiting & Social Media Discrimination I outlined some of the types of protected classes and discussed some real world possible scenarios regarding your company and social media discrimination.  In EEOC & Workplace Discrimination, I outlined potential liabilities and government agencies that are learning about social media. Now in part three, I’ll be discussing disparate impact […]