Ep 37 – How to Create a Great Work Culture with Josh Berry

We want to enjoy and have fun at work. Great work culture is an important concern for CEOs and organizational leaders who are looking at retaining employees and also attracting new employees. Work culture is important regardless of the size of organization from large to small to everything in between. What makes a great work culture is a topic worthy of discussion and especially challenging because it is different for every single employee.

Episode 37: How to Create a Great Work Culture with Josh Berry (@josh_berry)

On today’s Workology Podcast, I sit down with Josh Berry and have one of the funniest and most entertaining podcast interview discussions to date. Josh has worked in the consulting and workplace culture world for large organizations as well as small ones. At present his feet are planted firmly in the entrepreneurial startup world where he provides non-technical startups and founders with resources, support and advising to get them off the ground and be successful in building a company.

Having a great product or piece of tech doesn’t automatically mean it will be successful. There are a lot of variables starting with your team. Josh and I had a great conversation on the subject of perks that organizations provide their employees from unlimited vacation, freezing eggs to keg parties on Fridays in the break room. He tells us that what works really depends on the culture of the organization and that this culture is directed and guided by the employees. Listen now to hear more about great work cultures and connect with Josh on LinkedIn.



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