Ep 37 – How to Create a Great Work Culture with Josh Berry

We want to enjoy and have fun at work. Great work culture is an important concern for CEOs and organizational leaders who are looking at retaining employees and also attracting new employees. Work culture is important regardless of the size of organization from large to small to everything in between. What makes a great work […]

3 Signs You Are Not Growing as a Manager & Workplace Leader

3 Signs You Are Not Growing as a Manager Unless your career progressed through a formal management-training program, chances are you became good at your chosen vocation, matured as a businessperson and were promoted into management by default. People are often promoted into management because many executives believe it’s easier to learn management skills than […]

4 Ways to Recruit Smarter and Faster

Need to make a new hire in a hurry? Or feel like you have had a job listing up for longer than you’d like? You’re not alone. When a firm needs to fill a position, yesterday is often not soon enough. But sourcing, recruiting and hiring the right person traditionally takes a long time. If […]

Understanding the Psychology of Job Rejection (Part 1)

This is a two part series on job rejection psychology. Click here for Part 2.  All of us experience it in some way nearly every day of our lives. Rejection is one common human experience that we all wish wasn’t and job rejection can be especially challenging. It’s a part of the job to make […]