4 Tips For Hiring Great Temporary Employees

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As we’ve seen, there are real advantages to hiring smart temporary workers. This probably explains why there’s a boom in temporary employees and freelance workers. Forty percent of employers plan to hire some temporary employees this year, while 29 percent are planning on hiring seasonal employees for the summer.

Staffing organizations are busier than ever before finding the best temporary employees for organizations both big and small. In fact, 11.5 million temporary employees are hired each year thanks to staffing firms.

But how can you ensure the best workers end up in your temporary jobs? Here are four tips for finding and hiring the very best:

Create Clear Job Descriptions

You need temporary employees with specific skills, to complete specific tasks. This is why you need to make sure your job descriptions are crystal clear. When hiring a full-time employee, training and onboarding can sometimes fill gaps for a talented worker who just needs a little training to shine, but a temporary employee needs to be able to hit the ground running for the company to really see value. You don’t want any confusion on what skills and qualifications are necessary to perform the job. Make sure you list out everything you absolutely need in a temporary worker.

Utilize Video Interviews

Video interviews can help staffing companies and pressed-for-time organizations quickly connect with the best temporary talent. By using a video interview, you can connect personally with a talented candidate while cutting out the lengthy middle stages of the typical hiring process. Phone screens, normally the stepping stone between the paper resume and the in-person interview, can eat up precious time without giving you a great idea of the candidate on the other end of the line.

Get a personal view of a wide range of candidates by using a one-way video interview format where candidates answer written employer questions on video. This way, you only move forward with the best and brightest candidates, all without wasting time on people who would be all wrong for the job.

Consider Virtual Workers

Today, virtual workers and flexible work environments are in demand. More than 43 million Americans work remotely at least occasionally, and by 2016 this number is expected to jump to 63 million, comprising as much as 43 percent of the workforce. Obviously, the world of virtual work will continue to grow as new technological tools make it easier to work remotely.

Virtual workers can be a great solution for tech companies, digital-focused startups, or highly skilled fields suffering from the skills gap. Just because the candidate with the right skill set isn’t located in the company’s backyard doesn’t mean the right person isn’t out there. By combining a flexible work environment with the power of video interviewing, you can connect with the most highly skilled candidates even if they’re across the country.

Depending on the industry, you might offer a more flexible work schedule or go completely virtual to find the top talent. Plus, starting out as a temporary worker can be a great way to see if your new employee can handle the unique challenges of a virtual work environment.

Always Look For Company Culture Fit

Temporary employees don’t always stay temporary. In fact, 80 percent of companies utilizing a staffing agency say temporary workers are a great way to find future full-time talent. This is why it’s important to always hire temporary workers who fit into the company culture so they can easily transition into permanent employees.

Hiring well-fitting employees can help ease the internal hiring process as well. You don’t have to wonder what these candidates can do, because you’ve already seen them in action. Little training will be required if you bring them on full-time, because they already know the ins and outs of your office. So before hiring on a temp superstar, make sure they align with the organizational culture and environment.

Hiring great temporary employees isn’t always easy, but by focusing on connecting personally, looking for specific skills, and finding employees who can become permanent hires, you can ensure you end up with the best talent.

What are some ways you hire great temporary workers? Share in the comments!

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  1. Kyle Winters says

    I do like that you suggest using video interviews to streamline the temporary hiring process. A lot of people who only do temporary work tend to travel a lot after all. I imagine that this could be very helpful to them so that they could do a video interview while they’re still several states away doing temporary work for a different company.

  2. rachel frampton says

    My dad needs a secretary that he could hire temporarily because his workload started blowing up. I guess your suggestion of conducting video interviews would be a great idea since you’ve mentioned that this method will personally connect the company with talented candidates. We’ll give this a try if we have the time, but if not, I guess hiring a temp service to look for the right temp for our company will be less time-consuming.



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