What are the Different Types of Video Interviews?

Video Interviewing

We’re in an ultra-personalized era. From social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to video platforms like YouTube and Skype, it’s never been easier for people to connect. No matter where you are in the world, you’re never more than a few keystrokes, a couple clicks, and a webcam away from speaking with someone face […]

April Fool’s Jokes: Be Funny Without Damaging Your Company Culture

April Fool’s Day can be a tricky time, pun intended. April 1st is the day your office tricksters will come out to play practical jokes on coworkers. Considering how subjective humor is, this holiday can quickly turn from fun into a nightmare for your company culture. I’ve talked a lot about the importance of a top-notch […]

4 Tips For Hiring Great Temporary Employees

Hire Like a Pro

As we’ve seen, there are real advantages to hiring smart temporary workers. This probably explains why there’s a boom in temporary employees and freelance workers. Forty percent of employers plan to hire some temporary employees this year, while 29 percent are planning on hiring seasonal employees for the summer. Staffing organizations are busier than ever […]

Summer Jobs: 3 Tips For Hiring The Best Workers

Finding the Right Summer Workers For Your Company

As the weather heats up, it’s time to start thinking about finding the right people for your company’s summer jobs. Summer workers are a good way to assist your regular employees at a time when more temporary labor is available in the workforce. The forecast for summer hiring is heating up just as much as […]

Mama Knows Best: 4 Hiring Lessons Learned from Mom

Hiring Lessons from the Mommy Club

As Mother’s Day approaches, you might be busy searching for the perfect gift to show mom you care. Last year alone, 4.1 million women became mothers and 81 percent of women in 2010 had children by the end of their childbearing years. With so many women entering the mommy club, from high-profile professionals like Yahoo […]

5 Company Culture Fixes to Reduce Workplace Stress

Tips and Tricks for a Healthier and More Engaged Workforce

Did you know April is National Stress Awareness month? Every April, we take a good hard look at the things stressing us out and try to make some changes. For individuals, this can mean finally cracking open that book (time to find out who won The Hunger Games!), eating better, or lacing up your sneakers […]