4 Advantages of Temporary Workers

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Forty percent of employers plan to hire temporary and contract workers, compared to 36 percent last year, according to AOL Jobs. In addition, the flexible job market is also one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, which means job seekers can expect more opportunities in the near future.

4 Advantages of Temporary Workers 

Help grow a business

The great thing about part-time workers is they can grow a business in step with the market. In time, this will hopefully transition part-time workers into full-time positions when it makes sense. Part-time workers can also give businesses access to great talent who might not be able to commit to a full-time position. In addition, employers can use temporary help for short-term projects when demand is higher, such as for the summer or holidays.

Connections, connections, connections

Sometimes, it’s all about who you know. Well, the more project-based employees you work with, the more connections you will create. So, if you work with multiple temporary employees, and they end their job on a good note, you’ll likely create a positive connection. In turn, if a future opportunity arises, you’ll know who to think of for the job. In the end, temporary workers pave the way for easy (and fast) connection building in a way that can’t be rivaled.

Better availability

Let’s say you were a catering manager and you needed some temporary employees for an event. These employees may have to work odd hours and not have a fixed schedule. Chances are, temporary workers will be your best bet since those who want full-time positions may be on or desire a different schedule. In addition, the time it takes to interview, train, and hire, but with a temporary workforce this process may be much shorter since the position isn’t permanent.

Cost effective

This is the big one. A lot of businesses don’t have the money to hire full-time workers, many of whom require salaries, benefits, and perks. If a business has the resources to hire full-time workers, that’s great. However, if they needed an alternative, temporary workers are a good option. This is particularly true if your organization needed project-based employees, such as an event staff, caterers, or designers.

Though we may not think of temporary employees as our first choice in the recruitment process, they may be the best tool in your candidate hunting arsenal. So, think outside the box and give temporary employees a try! You’ll likely find it will provide more benefits than you expected.

Do you hire temporary employees?

What do you think? What are some other advantages of temporary workers?

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  1. Jay says

    but i find the cost of hiring a temp is you tend to have to pay them more so overall cost more then a permanent member of staff?

  2. Nicholas says

    Temporary employees are always the best option for an organization according to the need. They can provide their best efforts at the most. But at the end you will be paying the same amount as for the permanent one. So why not a permanent employee in place of a temporary one?

  3. Duncan Lance says

    There are a number of surprising benefits to hiring temporary staff that many business owners don’t take into consideration. One of the biggest ones, as the article points out, is that they are more cost effective. After all, business owners do not have to worry about continuously paying them since they will only working for a set amount of time.

  4. Edward Grey says

    Agencies that provide temporary or part time employee or workers are very useful. You may easily meet with the seasonal need of workers and then when not needed you may lay off them to reduce your cost. You may find more about it here: https://pps.com/



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