Top 5 Workplace Blogs: HRBlogger Edition

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Top 5 Workplace Blogs: HRBlogger Edition 

Have you heard about Each week when I scour the internet for the best HR and Workplace blogs I find myself searching on It’s a great resource and practitioners are able to add their feed on it for free! Who doesn’t love free advertisement? If you’re interested in having your blog added to hrblogger and you’re a current practitioner email me at The blogs this week came from those who are already listed on HRblogger.

Blogging4Jobs Top Blog of the Week:

· Get the VIP Treament at #SHRM13 With Our Conference Party Guide: SHRM will be here before you know it! Take advantage of planning your parties beforehand and maximize your time in Chicago. Read more

Top Blogs of the Week:

· B2B Advocate Marketing in the HR Tech and Conference Community: One of the most real viewpoints of the HR conference scene. Laurie brings a fresh perspective on how it once was to how it is today. Read more

· Psst, The Office Workaholic Thinks You’re Lazy And Entitled: I couldn’t agree more with the concept of the workoholic in the office continually judging and feeling like you have a sense of entitlement. I was that workoholic. Read more

· What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up? (Reprise): Have you settled into what you truly want to do with your life? This blog takes a look into stats and figures behind those who did what they wanted and the opportunities out there for those who aren’t happy where they’re at. Read more

· Re-Imagining the Role of Human Resources #TFP1: This is an interesting blog that looks at the re-imagined role of the Human Resources Profession. Read more

· What’s a Long Weekend Worth: We all enjoy our 3 day and some even 4 day weekends this past week, but what’s that worth? Read more 

What blog post or article did you enjoy reading this week? Please share by leaving a comment below. If you’re looking to guest post on Blogging4Jobs and you’re a current practitioner, email me!

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