Three Unorthodox Ways to Motivate Your Workforce

Unorthodox techniques to motivate employees

As workplace dynamics change, employers are seeking numerous ways to keep employees as productive as possible. An unmotivated employee can end up costing your company thousands of dollars each year from lost productivity. Companies are no longer able to motivate employees based solely on yearly bonuses and quarterly lunches. These unorthodox techniques will go far in your office. Give them a change and watch the improvement happen right before your eyes.

Muzak. The creators of what most people know, as “elevator music” is more than just music, it’s a science. Although most cringe at the notion of having to listen to elevator music while heading up 25 floors, the music is placed there intentionally and purposefully. Muzak is a scientifically engineered sound and functions specifically to how a client dictates creating a programmed environment. What does that mean exactly? The music you hear in your office can be programming specifically to increase your motivation. Songs such as Eye of the Tiger, Dream Big, or I Believe I Can Fly all create a sense of pride and determination that motivates us.

Sleeping on the Job? More frequently this topic is becoming more common in the workplace. Companies are opting to designate a room for employees to take a short “cat-nap” throughout the day. Google has created sleeping pods for employees who want to catch a twenty-minute nap. While the nap might seem to be a deterrent from a productive workday, the benefits of employees being refreshed and awake definitely outweigh it cons. Other big companies such as Proctor and Gamble, and Cisco Systems are using some form of napping system for employees to increase workplace productivity.

Gamification. The concept of bringing game mechanics or design to something that isn’t usually considered game-like, whether it’s a website, web app, or routine office work. This practice, although short-lived, has been proven in a number of studies. Routine office work can be slow, repetitive, and mundane day in and day out. To keep employees motivated, employers have created games, contests, or other types of mechanics to make routine work fun and exciting. The overall goal of gamification is to make tasks that once were boring, fun again.

Companies like Panda Express are going one step further and encouraging their employees to take part in a forum on ways that employees would like to see their workplace change. This forum takes place on a hike up in the trails in the Pasadena area. Zuma routines and other self-help sessions are other ways that Panda Express is going the unorthodox route in motivating employees in the workplace.

Before you decide to keep your office conservative think about switching it up a bit. The productivity, morale, and level of engagement will drastically increase if you take a risk and try out some of these unorthodox ways to motivate your employees. After all, your employees play a huge role in the success of your company.

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What are some of the unorthodox techniques used in your office to motivate employees?

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