SEC, NFL, & Marines Say, "No Tweets for You."

New Social Media policy for Soldiers

First the NFL, the Marines, and now the SEC.  Is your company next? What a difference a year makes.  Twitter and other social media platforms like Facebook and Friendfeed have grown at an enormous rate over the last 12 months.  According to Quantcast, a website quantifier, there were 26.5 Million Twitter users in the United States in June 2009 compared to a little more than […]

Playing Founders: In Startups Being Broke Sucks

founders, gamification, startup culture

Gamification, the application of game elements to non-game tasks and activities has spread from marketing trend, to education, to our daily lives at home and at work. App developers have made a game of learning, getting healthy, answering our emails and even watering our plants. Gamification is everywhere — including HR. So why not look […]

Why A-Teams Beat A Players

“There is no I in team” is probably one of the most used phrases in business, school sports, and group exercises the world over. The idea that the group as a unit being more important than any one individual is an old one and now has data to backup the anecdotal stories of teams working perfectly together […]

Designing an Engaging Workplace Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment, Workplace, Training, Policy

When I recently brought up mandatory harassment training for supervisory employees in my workplace, I heard people say, “Didn’t I just do that last year?” I knew that I was going to be facing a tough crowd when I did my presentations. Even I was doubtful I’d be able to provide an engaging presentation. I’ve […]

Contributing to Communication Fatigue

communication, fatigue, information overload, emails, social media

It’s Monday morning.  Even before I roll out of bed, I’ve checked my emails, Twitter, Facebook, text and voicemail messages before I even officially start the day.  Chances are you may have taken a long weekend to enjoy the holiday or spring weather with friends and family.  Upon your return you are bombarded with more […]