Why Your Office Needs a Director of People

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CEOs, human resource directors and managers: it’s time to step aside. Yes, you are vital to the success of your organization, but it’s time to introduce the new guy in town. He’s the Director of People and he’s here to revolutionize your business. In short, this is the year of the Director of People.

It’s an ironic phenomenon that as our world becomes increasingly automated through technology, our businesses have become more people centered than ever before. Because of this, there is a growing need for a position that focuses solely on the people that are the life force within organizations. It’s sometimes our inclination to focus on the avenues of our business that bring immediate and blatant results, but you’ve got to look past the obvious and discover what really makes the wheels of the organization move. There’s no denying that sales are important, customers are a priority and goals must be met, but it’s the people within your company make all of this happen.

Meet the Director Nor VP of People

The Director of People is unlike any other position currently held in your organization, yet is reminiscent of several positions at the same time. Your Director of People is first and foremost people focused. Much like a human resources professional, they are in tune with the general attitudes and feelings of employees and know that those two factors largely contribute to working styles and actual work produced. Similar to an employee committee Chair, they focus on creating a fun and light work environment, yet are able to see the big picture and understand how small actions make up a larger effort, strategizing as a CEO would. This position even goes a step further to take on some managerial traits as the Director of People also understands what motivates employees and how to encourage the best work possible from your talent force.

It’s a role that is both complex and incredibly simple at the same time. The goal is simple: encourage the best from each individual. When each person’s potential is maximized, the power of many strong individuals working together can be a powerful and wildly successful thing.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

If you’re not buying into the concept of a Director of People, take a look at some of the companies have made the conscious and concerted effort to put their people first. For instance, The Boston Consulting Group first exhibits dedication to their workforce far before they’re ever hired by devoting thousands of dollars and an average of 100 hours to recruiting each consultant in order to get the right people. They continue the efforts throughout their consultants’ careers, as evidenced by the “red zone report” that identifies employees who are working too many hours. Pretty unheard of, but The Boston Consulting Group gets it.

Law firm Alston & Bird LLP takes a whole-person approach as they see the value in encouraging employees to be well rounded, pursuing outside interests and focusing on family. They put their money where their mouth is and offer scholarships for childcare right on their campus, offer 90 days of time off and $10,000 to employees who adopt children, provide healthcare coverage for marriage counseling and autism and even offer on-site Spanish classes.

A Worthwhile Investment

While some of these perks aren’t easy on the budget, these companies, and many more, see the expenses as an investment in their business and their people. With a Director of People, all these efforts are focused on a central goal that will produce obvious and measurable results.

Would your company ever create a Director of People position? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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    Nhs staff are in shock after the Director of people post is created. How can they understand the workforce if there in nil communication between the DOP and any staff.



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