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A Big Data Scientist Is Hard To Find

Hiring a perfect fit for your company is already a hard task in itself, but hiring for big data jobs – especially data scientists – presents a plethora of challenges. First, you’re basically recruiting for two roles in one: a number cruncher who can also make business decisions. Then consider how much data is at […]

Why Your Office Needs a Director of People

VP of People, VP, Hiring

CEOs, human resource directors and managers: it’s time to step aside. Yes, you are vital to the success of your organization, but it’s time to introduce the new guy in town. He’s the Director of People and he’s here to revolutionize your business. In short, this is the year of the Director of People. It’s […]

Career Fair Tips for the Job Seeker

Did you just notice a flyer for a career or internship fair at your school? Your college or university may have a fair on campus or in a nearby city with other schools. A career or internship fair is a great way to make valuable connections with employers! Career Fair Tips for the Job Seeker […]