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Each week Blogging4Jobs brings you the Top Workplace Blogs of the Week. These blogs come from all across the internet and highlight important topics being discussed in the space. We serve as your weekly recap of top blogs that we’ve read throughout the week. If we’ve missed any, let us know.


Who fires the 68-year-old right after her great performance review?: Bank gets it’s panties in a wad after 68 year old employee talks about nightgowns. Is it justifiable cause to fire, or age discrimination in disguise? You decide. Read More.

The Marginalized Employee: A Tale of Disengagement: This sad tale of an employee slowly getting his soul sucked by his employer serves as a cautionary tale for all. Be sure not to be “that” demoralizing employer.  Read more.

Stop Churning!!: On the road to innovation we find ourselves re-doing, re-organizing, re-branding, re- labeling. While on the surface this seems positive, Steve Browne explains how all these “re’s” are really causing us to essentially run in place. Read More.

Lunch time and the telecommuting employee: These telecommuting eaters are causing some complications for employers trying to compensate them correctly under FLSA. With telecommuting on the rise it is crucial to get these practices and procedure worked out now. Read More.

The 4 Letter Word We Never Use in HR: We all have of favorite four letter words, none of which are considered workplace appropriate. However, Tim Sackett takes the time to explain how the word “Luck” could be considered the worst word of all. Read More.


Being a Pretend-extrovert: Networking Tips for Introverts: For some networking events feel like their stage, their time to shine! But for others networking can be a laborious task full of unpleasant and awkward moments. Luckily for the networking adverse, Matt Herndon has provided all of us with a guide to overcome our reluctance to mingle! Read More

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell (@jmillermerrell) is a workplace change agent, author and consultant focused on human resources and talent acquisition living in Austin, TX. Recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media influencer and is a global speaker. She’s the founder of Workology, a workplace HR resource and host of the Workology Podcast.

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