Top 7 Career Fair DO’s for Recruiters

It’s career fair season! While most of the Midwest’s career fairs have come to a close, there are a few still left to attend. Far too often we focus on the “don’ts” in life. On the bright side, below is a list of “do’s” to try before attending your next event.

Top 7 Career Fair DO’s for Recruiters

  1. Do you have your homework done? Spending some time making contacts before an event can create some additional qualified traffic. As an example if you are attending a college career fair, do you have access to a database of students you can search and call ahead of time?
  2. Do you have the right person attending the fair? The best person to attend is someone sociable, outgoing and knowledgeable about the specific positions that need to be filled.
  3. Do bring an Alumni from the campus you are attending if you have one on staff. This person may have additional contacts that could be beneficial. “Insider information” If it’s a community fair, do you have someone on staff from the area?
  4. Do get out of your comfort zone. It’s important to grab the attention of attendees. If they look sharp or you see the major you are seeking on their name tag, step out of the booth space and introduce yourself. It never hurts to have a conversation.
  5. Do you see any coaching opportunities? Spend an extra moment with a candidate to coach them on their resume, elevator speech or send them to another employer’s booth that could be a better fit for them. These conversations are invaluable.
  6. Do track your metrics. How many resumes did you collected? Was anyone interviewed and hired as a result of this event?
  7. Do keep long term records . I know I don’t remember a year later if the event was a valuable one to attend again.

Last but not least…………………. Do enjoy yourself! It’s a great opportunity to talk with the other company representatives around you, you never know who you will meet!

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Jen Ray, PHR

Jen Ray, PHR is professional relationship builder by day, general contractor by night. Her experiences come from the retail, financial services and banking industries. Outside of the office, you will find Jen remolding her home in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Connect with Jen.


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