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When it comes to swiftly accessing specific human resources knowledge and insights, the internet is challenging to traverse and time-consuming to search. One of the reasons we write at Blogging4Jobs every day from the perspective of the corporate leader and human resource practitioner is because of this issue. Only a few number of sources are available that are objective, published by experts, and don’t generate sales leads. This is why I find the internet and Google search frustrating. It is hackable.

Simply said, SEO, or search engine optimization, includes this. To rank on the top page of search results, businesses employ enormous teams to provide content for their websites. Despite being informative, they also have a secondary objective, which is to close deals. I’m not against capitalism as a corporate executive working in the trenches; I’m just looking for a response to my query. Afterall, I have an afternoon meeting to discuss stay interviews as part of our company’s new retention strategy, and I have no idea what the hell they are.  I don’t want to look uneducated in front of my peers.  I just want answers.  Bersin & Associate’s new BersinInsights enterprise resource tools offers a solution.

Professional and Crowdsourced Human Resources Knowledge


BersinInsights is a new unbiased and non-vendor based resource that offers you fast answers with the hassles of having to search the web.  You just log in, ask questions, and search for answers.  Called “Ask the Expert,” their platform’s database provides a simple response to my earlier question.  They provide you a definition for stay interviews, but can also provide you common questions as well as recent research and case studies that support or cause concern for your company’s new employee retention program.  Their search algorithm provides great resources and access that’s easy to search.  That is extremely important.  We don’t have all day to surf the internet.  We have a job to do.  What’s more users can rate answers and interact within the knowledge platform.  See the screenshot to your right.

One of my favorite features is the ability to engage and answer a question if you are unable to locate an answer.  Bersin’s team of analysts and experts answer your question promptly.  Your question is then added to the resource database for later use by other human resource professionals and organization who pay for the service.  I like that they can identify trends and provide you to “hot topics.”  There’s something awesome about sitting down with your senior leadership team and CEO to discuss a recent trend you are witnessing in your vertical or in the marketplace before they do.  Talk about your seat at the table.

Knowledge Seeking Organizations Lower Employee Turnover

Berin & Associates are making heavy claims to the success of their new HR resource tool saying that  organizations with business-integrated HR teams have nearly 40 percent lower turnover and deliver more than twice the revenue per employee, as compared with compliance-driven HR organizations.  I don’t know any CEO who couldn’t afford or have a desire to lower employee turnover.  I mean, it is the largest organizational expense with unproductive and disengaged workers costs US organizations more than $350 billion a year.  Yikes!

You can learn more about BersinInsights web page and request a demo.  Don’t forget to connect with them on Twitter at @bersin.  You can learn more about HR Technology and product reviews on Blogging4Jobs by clicking here.

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