How to Gain Human Resources Knowledge in an Instant

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HR Resources That Make Sense When it comes to swiftly accessing specific human resources knowledge and insights, the internet is challenging to traverse and time-consuming to search. One of the reasons we write at Blogging4Jobs every day from the perspective of the corporate leader and human resource practitioner is because of this issue. Only a […]

Thought Experiment of the Absurd: Zero American Unemployment

Absurdity of America's labor force statistics

Continuing the trend, Zero Hedge notes unemployment is headed to ZERO and will go negative in less than a decade because so many people will have entirely dropped out of the labor force. And note, if Allan’s trend analysis continues unchecked, the stock market will be making new highs in its wild ride higher. See Trends crush reason and […]

How to Evaluate a Job Candidate’s Video Resume

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Video Resume Tips for Employers In today’s competitive job market, job seekers are using creative ways to get your attention. Creating infographic resumes, blogs, and video resumes are all becoming commonplace for job seekers looking for their dream job. In fact, job seekers are being encouraged to create these visual venues for employers — and employers […]