HR Entreprenuers: 3 Game Changers You Don’t Know You Need

I’m sitting here struggling to write this blog post because I feel like what I should be sharing with you is something revolutionary. And quite frankly, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed.

Are You Ready for These Business Game Changers?

Nevertheless, I’ve worked with a ton of entrepreneurs during my 8+ years in business and there are many commonalities that correlate to both failure and success. The 3 I’m giving you today I’m calling “game changers” because so many business owners don’t do them and when I find someone who does, it’s almost astonishing.

These game changers cut cut across industries, businesses and niches for HR entrepreneurs, job board operators, contract recruiters and human resource consultants.


#1 – Reject Perfectionism

The sooner you accept that you don’t have control, the happier, more reliable, and wealthier you’ll be. I swear. Perfect is not a thing. You don’t have control. For your premier event, the caterer might not appear even if you have 100 RSVPs and a waiting list. otherwise the electricity will cut out. And what’s this? You’re intelligent, therefore you’ll understand it. And nice people will sympathize with you and perhaps even assist you. The trolling? Neglect them. Haters will always hate. They weren’t going to be good for your business anyway. But if you had not tried, if you allowed “perfection paralysis” to keep you from taking action, nothing would have happened and you would have missed the many opportunities and blessings available to you.

#2 – Reject Over-Planning

There is no such thing, some of you are saying. Sorry. You’re mistaken. I’ve observed how “planning paralysis” may stymie business growth. They gleefully type up the 200 things they must do in order to succeed as they sit at Starbucks or in their office. They then arrange them according to priority. After that, they set due dates. Then, when they realize they still have additional tasks to complete, they add those to their list as well. Then guilt sets in since all of their tasks are business-related; where are the family tasks? “Holy cow! My family also requires my time.” Then we have a list of things to do for the entire family. They wasted hours, switched from action to planning, and produced nothing.

#3 – Accept Fear

If the your business decisions never cause you fear, then you’re going to fail. Why? Because being comfortable in business gets you nowhere. To stay competitive you need to be on the edge, pushing yourself to grow and differentiate. You might have a fear of failure. A fear of rejection. A fear of success. It doesn’t matter what kind of fear you have. Take it in. Embrace it. Thank God for it and use it to drive you to be an overcomer. This is how the best get to the top.

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Alicia Maples

Alicia (Arenas) Maples is a former HR executive since launching her own business coaching practice 9 years ago has worked with companies such as Disney, Rackspace, and Dish Network. She specializes in sales and product positioning.


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