HR Carnival: Politics and Work

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Workology is proud to host the May edition of the Carnival of HR. Our topic is the ever contentious – politics. Find posts on how political trends are impacting the workplace, be it in recruiting and hiring, the status of foreign workers, healthcare coverage, or inspiration for change. Carnival participants also consider the more mundane side of politics at work, the often messy relationships among colleagues, and employers and employees.

Politics and Work

How the Department of State’s Plans for “Extreme Vetting” Will Affect the Recruiting Process

Jason Finkelman

What exactly does extreme vetting mean and what impact will it have on your international recruiting process? Immigration lawyer Jason Finkelman walks us through the proposed changes to the screening process and considers some of the implications for candidates and HR alike.

Post Brexit Language Crisis Impacts Talent Pipeline

Dorothy Dalton

One of the ways that Brexit is set to impact the UK labour market is through an increased demand for multi-lingual workers. English may be the lingua franca of business, but workers with multi-lingual capabilities are necessary for work as diverse as criminal justice and international trade. The trouble is that UK students rarely study languages and the UK has made it harder for EU workers to get a foothold in the country.

Naming the Results of Corruption as “Free Market” Failures is Damaging to Society

John Hunter

Call out corruption when you see it, says John Hunter, and don’t let it pass as business-as-usual capitalism. John thinks that capitalism will work for us – if we don’t stand for cronyism and other forms of corruption.

How Will “Hire American” Affect Your Business?

Megan Purdy

We know by now that changes to H-1B visas will have a tremendous impact on the tech sector, but how will the President’s “hire American” edict affect recruiting efforts elsewhere? Megan (me!) considers some of the long term effects of “hire American” on labour policy and the make up of the American workforce.

HR’s Corbyn / Sanders Option

Jon Ingam

HR should take a little inspiration from left-wing politicians Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, says Jon Ingam. Namely, it should be true to itself and pursue the business goals it knows to be necessary and it should invest in people before anything else.

Weed in the Workplace: Accommodating Without Getting Burned

Stuart Rudner

Starting July 1st marijuana will be legalized for recreational use in Canada. Stuart Rudner considers some of the workplace impacts of weed being legal not just for medical but also for recreational use. What kind of accommodations do you have to make for medical? What happens to your drug testing program?

Would It Help?: When to Talk Politics at Work

Jim Fox

Should I talk about Trump’s latest executive order in the lunchroom? What about the latest bathroom bill? It’s hard to know when to bring up politics at work, especially for those of us who are in a supervisory role. Jim helps us navigate when to start, enter, and end political discussions at work.

It’s College Graduation Season

Mark Fogel

What’s old  is new again. As graduating students sit for interviews with recruiters Mark looks back at the seminal film The Graduate and how little has changed from those days, including the political issues that grip us today.

Workplace Politics

The Change We Need In HR Is Customer Service

Melissa Fairman

Want to improve your HR department’s relationship with the rest of the company? What you need is a customer service attitude, Melissa writes.

Build A Better Relationship With Your Boss

John Rampton

One of the most difficult relationships to navigate at work is the one you have with your boss. John Rampton walks us through the steps toward ensuring the relationship is healthy and constructive for both parties.

5 Steps to Developing a Successful Mentoring Program

Judy Lindenberger

So you want to detoxify your workplace culture. Judy suggests that one way to do that is through developing a workplace mentoring program that helps build positive relationships between different generations of workers and helps to develop employee careers.

Creating a Culture Where Employees Reach their Full Potential

Wendy Pat Fong

Some workplace cultures are so focused on productivity that they burn out employees and prevent them from developing new skills. Wendy says that it’s your responsibility as a business leader to develop a culture that values development, cooperation and understanding – and perhaps more importantly for some of you, that doing so will benefit your business.

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