HR Basics for Small Business

I’m speaking today at EpicCon in Jamaica. It’s my first live speaking event in over 10 months and I’m talking to small business and entrepreneurs about how to build teams to grow your profits. Bottom line is that you need to have people in order to grow your business. You need them to help scale the business. Most business owners that I talk to are surprised when I share that 30 percent of your expenses on average will be focused on investing in your people including their training, their payroll, and benefits.

HR Basics for Small Business


Your People Will Account for 30% of Your Company Business Expenses 


I get it. This investment it a big one, but it’s a necessary one because we, as small businesses cannot effectively grow our business with just us alone. Even small businesses need to invest in people to help make the business profitable and continue to grow. People are the center and heart of the business. Workology and the work we do serves HR. We help elevate the human resources and workplace community which sometimes includes very small teams including solopreneurs and small business owners who are juggling many hats and leading their small but mighty team. I want to put together a list of already published resources and information to help small business owners learn more about HR and access existing information and support to help them lead better, hire better, and support the people side of their business. I’ve put together a list of my favorite articles and resources below.

Understanding Human Resources and the Employee Life Cycle 


Before I dive into the HR resources I recommend, I wanted to share some basic information about the employee life cycle. These are activities that are part of HR. They include activities like recruiting and hiring, payroll, employee benefits, training, employee development, performance conversations, selecting internal technologies to support employee efforts, as well as company culture, and learning how to navigate employee relations situations.


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HR Resources for Small Business 




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