How the Right HR Tech Can Make Hiring Easier

A question I often get from business owners and high-level executives is how they can use technology to improve their hiring process. The good news is that there is HR software at every level of what we call the “hiring funnel” to make the process more effective. The hiring funnel is HR’s version of the sales or marketing funnel. 

At the top level is engaging people and sharing your brand, in the middle is converting those individuals into applications and interviews, and eventually into an employee. From employer branding to sourcing to interviewing to onboarding, HRTech can improve the efficiency of your process every step of the way. 

How the Right HR Tech Can Make Hiring Easier

The first step is to think about what’s at the top of your hiring funnel. In other words, how you market and project yourself to prospective employees. The most important piece of advice we have about branding your business is to think about your company’s value proposition. Here are some questions to consider when thinking about your company’s value proposition:

· What is your company’s brand?

· What makes your company special? 

· Why do your employees work for you?  

· What makes your employees stay at your company?

Use the answers to these questions to create and brand your content. This content should be used to brand your marketing materials, career site, job description, and anything else prospective candidates are likely to see. The more appealing and cohesive your brand and its values, the more likely candidates are to engage with you. Companies like Kununu, LinkedIn Elevate, TheMuse and other great employer branding software can help you effectively build your employer brand. Building a compelling employer brand will carry through and have compounding benefits for the rest of your recruiting process. 

The next step in the hiring funnel is sourcing. While branding is all about the information you put out, sourcing is all about the people you bring in. The key to good sourcing is reaching out to the right people. Especially in a time with historically-low unemployment, sourcing the right individuals for your business can be very difficult since the pool of job-seekers is smaller. 

This is where sourcing tools come in to help fill the hardest to fill roles in your business. The best candidate sourcing tools like vSource, Entelo, and Fetcher can increase your recruiter productivity and decrease the time to hire. The great thing about sourcing tools is they can help whether you hire 10 or 10,000 employees a year. 

Once your candidates have become applicants, you move into the second tier of the hiring funnel, which includes assessment and interviewing. This is the most crucial part of the hiring process since it’s the step where you determine whether or not candidates are qualified and if they would be a good fit for your business. If you are looking to hire software engineers, tech assessment platforms can help automate the process.

Video Interviewing software is another critical piece of assessment software. It can drastically improve the efficiency of your hiring process by allowing hiring managers to spend a few minutes screening video responses rather than spending 30-45 minutes in person with a candidate. Since video interviewing platforms require much less time with each candidate, you can consider many more applications than before, reducing the odds that someone who’s a good fit is overlooked. 

Your candidates are sure to appreciate video interviews as well since it saves them time and avoids the awkwardness of playing phone tag. The end result of implementing an effective video interviewing platform will speed up your hiring process by reducing the time to fill. 

Once you’ve selected the right employees, you’ve reached the final stage of the hiring funnel. Onboarding and employee engagement are often overlooked but are the keys to ensuring all the hard work that went into hiring an employee pays off. A third of people have left a job within the first 90 days and a third of those individuals quit because of company culture.

Starting your employees off on the right foot can have tremendous benefits for retention. If you train your new-hires effectively and allow them to integrate well into your company, you are setting yourself up for success. Once your employees are on board, performance management and employee engagement software can help keep them engaged. These platforms can help you better understand your employees and make better people decisions. 

This is our rundown on how HRTech can improve your hiring process. Do you have any tips or programs that have worked for you? Let us know in the comments! 

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