Success HR Tech Implementation Starts With Knowing Requirements

This time of year, many of you may be working towards projects to implement some new HR tech. If you’re a larger firm, you may have already done the financial analysis and gotten approval to go ahead with the project — you may have even started to engage some vendors or talked to some peers […]

Measuring Up in HR Metrics

Measuring Up in HR Metrics The business world today seems laser focused on both productivity and profitability. Since this is the typical time of year when the previous fiscal year’s performance is being reviewed and new goals for 2015 are beginning to be implemented, I think it is important that we take time to determine […]

How to Select the Right #HRTech Suite

Learn more about HR technology and tech trends designed to help you identify HR tech opportunities in 2015 with my new ebook, The HR Technology Field Guide.  As the human resources technology industry continues to grow and develop, so do the potential benefits and perils affiliated with the new software offerings being presented. Everyday, the […]