How to Select the Right #HRTech Suite

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As the human resources technology industry continues to grow and develop, so do the potential benefits and perils affiliated with the new software offerings being presented. Everyday, the number of options increases. Picking the right one for your company often proves to be a daunting task.

Whether you are looking to leave your current software provider or looking to start from scratch, it is important to know what benefits and features will best suit your companies needs and help you expedite your recruiting process.

How to Select the Right #HRTech Suite

A full HR technology suite should provide strong reporting features, focus on automated processes, and possess integrated and automated new hire information and data. The service provider should be reliable and financially stable while also placing a strong emphasis on protection of client data.

HR Technology suite products provide a full variety of services that normally span the employee life cycle. From recruiting to performance to development to transition to everything in between. An HR Technology suite provides a technology solution that is full integratable with all the different solutions making for easy transitions and flow of data and information between technologies. In theory, you will have a single login to access their product offerings without the added hassles of moving between systems and re-entering data and information that is time consuming.

My ebook, The HR Technology Field Guide, provides comprehensive and concise guidelines to help you select the HR suite that will be best for you. I want help you get past the unnecessary complexity of the process and enable you to make your selection and get to business quickly and proficiently.


Picking the wrong software suite could monopolize your resources and/or leave your company, your employees and your potential talent exposed. While traversing the selection process, it is important to make sure you know how your potential software providers are funded as this may have a bearing on how they conduct business. The financial stability and longevity of a potential vendor can have considerable impact on it’s ability to support your needs long term. It is equally as important to know a vendor is both reliable and secure.


Human capital management is often taxing but can be simplified. Selecting the proper software will enable streamline your efforts. When making a selection, a key factor to focus on is a product’s ease of use. For example, selecting a software suite that only requires you to input employee data only once and thus align things like payroll and benefits will save you and your company on valuable resources like time and money. With the sheer number of available options out there, there is no question as to whether or not a software solution should be able to meet all of your backend human capital needs. Your time and energy is too important to be wasted, dealing with a product that doesn’t do everything you need it to do.

The human resources industry will continue to grow, develop and thrive with the help of our growing and expanding global economy combined with the need to further grow your company’s talent acquisition and retention efforts. HR Technology is on pace to be a $15 billion industry in 2015 and beyond. No matter what your business is, no matter what your needs are, there will be one, or many, with the capacity to fit your specific needs and afford you success in recruiting, developing and managing talent.

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