How Are You Getting Employee Feedback?

Effective Employee Feedback Strategies for Business Success


Regardless of what your business does to garner feedback from the employees, the most important thing to remember is that there are methods to give the feedback.  Ideally it should allow for the isolated individual complaints/questions and broad stream of feedback to the masses.

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  1. AFA Julie says

    It’s so frustrating when you have a some managers who don’t do their reviews on time or don’t make them useful. At American Fidelity, we’ve implemented a few things to help with this that seem to work well. We have a specific process for our reviews and communicate with managers directly when they have a colleague with a review coming up. Everything is handled electronically. Employees are required to complete a self-review and be part of the conversation. Managers have a certain amount of time to complete the review and have HR review it, which allows HR to coach managers regarding any problem issues, either regarding employee performance or the manger’s review itself. Managers who don’t complete the process on time are put on list that’s sent to executives. This is the only type of thing we handle this way because we don’t have a micro-managing culture, but this really helps show the importance of the reviews and makes everyone take them seriously.


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