Your Job Search, Social Media and Background Checks

Effective Employee Feedback Strategies for Business Success

Social Media and Background Checks Today and yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend a local SHRM event where I learned (and shared) a lot of data on HR Trends, especially as it pertains to social media. (Look for a post about that soon.) If I had this infographic in my back pocket today, I […]

How Are You Getting Employee Feedback?

Effective Employee Feedback Strategies for Business Success

  Regardless of what your business does to garner feedback from the employees, the most important thing to remember is that there are methods to give the feedback.  Ideally it should allow for the isolated individual complaints/questions and broad stream of feedback to the masses. Photo Credit. 

4 Time Saving Social Media Tips for #HR & #Recruiting

Effective Time Management for Small Business Social Media

Looking for more social media time saving tips and secrets for HR, Human Capital Consultants, Recruiters and Business Partners? Head on over to our free webinar on 5/16 at 11 AM CST. Register here.  Sometimes people tell me they are too busy and have too much to do to manage their social media, but I […]

Great Technology Cover Letters

The Importance of the Cover Letter

So many technical people ask me about the importance of the cover letter in today’s job market. The concern is that no one out there actually reads them. In fact, as many companies have gone to the online resume submission process 100%, they often don’t allow candidates to include a cover letter. Is the Cover […]