4 Time Saving Social Media Tips for #HR & #Recruiting

Effective Time Management for Small Business Social Media

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Sometimes people tell me they are too busy and have too much to do to manage their social media, but I think that’s just an excuse to avoid what people are uncomfortable with or don’t understand. Trying new stuff is well hard. Our minds and bodies don’t have muscle memory which is why change and new things are so damn hard. It’s kind of how I feel about the gym and working out and yet I’m making time to work out and exercise because I understand the importance such an investment will bring.

Consultants and small businesses like myself  in human capital have to act big to engage, attract and understand their clientele in the world of HR and recruiting.  Small shops are often marketing, sales and an operations office of one. Until recently, I managed my business as me alone blogging, consulting, accounting and social media operating as everything. I promise you that if I can do it, so can you. Time management when it comes to social media takes a focused effort and the ability to say no. Trust me.

Time Saving Tips for Social Media

Social media, mobile and technology are also important topics that demand our time, understanding and attention although they don’t direct impact our health in the same way. They are important and require a personal commitment none the less.

Schedule Time in Your Day. A simple half an hour is all you really need. Take 15 minutes in your morning before you start your day to schedule content and respond to messages. Yes, you read correctly. Schedule some of your messages to be shared at the optimum times using a tool like HootSuite to the size of your intended audience making sure to take advantage of Twitter hash tags. Sneak five minutes on social media again after lunch to check in and quickly respond to messages. I like to use my phone. The small screen keeps me from getting sucked in. Finish out your day by checking in a final time just 10 minutes. Respond, engage and retweet a final time. I promise you can manage your social media in just 30 minutes a day. 

Automate (Nearly) Everything. I am a fan of scheduling blog posts and email messages to reach audiences at the optimum time so I can set it and forget it. Use your Google Analytics to determine when those prime traffic times really are. WordPress offers an amazing features under “Publish” where you can set the date and time to publish your blog at a future time. Automate job postings to Twitter for your corporate account. Take back control of your social media free time automating the small things just not real engagement. It can be done.

Create an Editorial Calendar. The more we plan, the more we can anticipate change and adjust starting with an editorial calendar to help guide and focus your blog, social media and thoughts. My creativity as a blogger and on social media ebbs and flows. During those less than creative times, I can go back to my editorial calendar to help focus my thoughts and ideas so I can blog. Here are 50 blog post ideas to get you started.

Organize Your Content and Reading. Social media fuels my ADD as well as my love and desire to read everything. Use tools like Feed.ly to organize your HR, human capital and Recruiting reading. HRBlogger.info was created with an inexpensive WordPress blog allowing me, my team and others to focus their HR news and blog reading. I know there are so many hours in a day.

The Role of the HR Business Partner in Social Media

The importance of social media is clear especially for HR as a business partner. In order to engage your workforce, stay ahead and engage your large corproate clients as a consultant, you must understand the tools and how to use them. Tools like mobile communication and internal social media are also growing in popularity. Our responsibilities continue to grow leaving us even more pressed for time which is why optimizing our time imperative to our future success and mental wellbeing.

Looking for more social media time saving tips and secrets for HR, Consultants, Recruiters and Business Partners? Head on over to our free webinar on 5/16 at 11 AM CST. Register here

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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  1. Amber M says

    Thanks for sharing your article! Social Media was a huge change for HR and just like anything else it takes some time to adjust to those new changes. I think the 3 main areas social media has affected HR are:
    1. The way we communicate with our employees
    2. The voice that it allows our employees to have
    3. Our companies branding

    Social media changes just about everything… Is that good or bad?

    • Jessica Miller-Merrell says

      Hi Amber,

      I agree with you on the 3 ways. As far as good or bad when it comes to social media, it’s really no longer our choice. Because of it employers have to change. Personally, I’m a fan of transparency so I’m in favor of the change. I’m tired of closed door meetings at work with little or no information provided to the employee or job seeker. Those people have little course of action to pose a question or share their point of view. With social media, that completely changes things. And more importantly, employers know exactly how their employees feel about a work or life issue in real time. How empowering for the employer so that can address or make change in real time.


  2. Indranil Sinha says

    Useful article, very much fit into our today’s busy lives. Thanks Jessica, you’ve done a great job by sharing this. Your idea of creating a editorial calender & organizing content is awesome & time saving. Looking forward to see many new ideas like that from you that could helps our busy life settled.



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