Five Jobs of the Future to Prepare for Today

In my home state of Georgia children are already heading back to school the first week of August. This past weekend has been a major shopping event as parents look for school supplies. I a unique twist on this subject one Canadian company has teamed with a futurist to help parents and students shop for a future career.

What can you do in 2020?

Canadian company Future Shop has teamed with futurist Trevor Haldenby where they asked Haldenby to talk about five career choices for the future. They want parents to help students shop for these careers. I think this is an excellent idea. While 2020 may sound far away it is only five and half years, so students in high school now should be taking a look.

Haldenby’s list of future jobs is interesting and similar to others I have suggested in the past. Here is his list of jobs with my take on his.


With the plethora of food shows on TV today this is not surprising. But this job is not your typical “foodie.” According to the article “The foodologist is a hybrid of a biologist, psychologist, farmer and chef. In 2020, humans will be looking for new, sustainable food options. This future job will combine science and art – whether it is finding flavourful new recipes for crickets and termites or mixing lab-created filet mignon. Foodologists can expect to find work in restaurants, self-driving food trucks, and green belts…” I think with the advent of genetically modified food and an ever increasing concern on allergies to things like gluten, having someone providing guidance in local communities will be greatly desired. I help interview a man, Johnny Carino, who already exemplifies this kind of position.

Personal transmedia consultant

Although a fancy sounding title this job takes advantage of a very broad ability to use social media. It also helps clients protect their images. As the article says this job is “One part digital bodyguard and one part personal PR agent, these consultants will manage the increasingly exciting and dizzying array of social networks and big data.” A digital image is very important and you want to make sure yours is as clean as possible. There will be an increasing need for this type of consultant.

Star subscription teacher

Because of the Internet learning does not have to occur in a brick and mortar location. People will be increasing relying on the Internet and digital universities for education and training. A great teacher can use this medium for teaching for a fee or subscription

Virtual tour guide

Ever wanted to go to an exotic place but just could not afford it either in time or money? What about taking a virtual tour? Looking at pictures on the Internet is not as fulfilling as being there, but what if you had a guide that “walked” you through that experience and made it more real and customized to what you wanted to do? This is the type of thing a virtual tour guide will do.

Corporate game master

Finally is a job that might interest many people with a leaning toward HR and technology. As the article describes it “A creatively engaged workplace is a high-performance workplace. The corporate game master will make work fun by injecting elements of gaming, reward, and playful recognition. By studying how to play games in the arcade and how to design them, they will integrate these exciting elements into our everyday workplace realities.” We are already starting to see this occurring as I have found in UtiliFit.

For students and job changers alike

These new jobs are already in the beginning stages. Students going into college would do well to pay attention to these possibilities in order to direct themselves in the appropriate direction. Those of you unhappy with your current jobs can also start directing yourself toward these jobs as well.

Check out the original article here in order to see some of the suggested resources for pursuing these jobs.

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