Ep 12 – Business Etiquette for Millennials with Carey Sue Vega

Episode 12: Business Etiquette for Millenials with Carey Sue Vega (@etiquette101)

Millenials are invading or workplace at a fast pace. By 2020 Millenials will account for 40% of the workplace. It’s easy to label them as entitled, disrespectful and rude. However, I think they just don’t know the rules in which to operate by in the workplace and business etiquette is no exception. The question is not only how do we help with the knowledge transfer and share from our more experienced exiting employees to our younger employees, but how do we also train and teach them how to interact in business and social settings.

Today’s Workology Podcast guest is etiquette expert Carey Sue Vega (click here to visit her website) who works with all ages when it comes to etiquette. She hosts a cotillion program for middle school and high school students and spends a large portion of her time consulting, speaking and working with business professionals on how to put their best foot forward in a business setting. Carey Sue offers a unique perspective in that her foot is squarely placed in both worlds. She understands and sympathizes as a member of Generation X herself but has extensive experience working and relating to younger generations both Generation Y or Millennials as well as the newest generation Generation Z or Zen.

Carey Sue isn’t your average etiquette expert. She’s a real person and someone I call my friend. She’s just an expert in etiquette. In this episode of the Workology Podcast, Carey Sue shares some of her best tips for working, training and teaching your younger staff on the rules of etiquette from the right way to network, shaking hands to the rules behind taking food selfies. Yes, there are rules for such things but it’s not what you think.



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