A New Chapter in My Work Evolution

My Career Evolution Over the Years

My Work Evolution

It dawned on me in early 2007 there was a work revolution and evolution taking place and it was one I wanted to be a part of. It was one where my view of work and life and how I balance technology was changing. Newly married and looking for something more in my career, I took to the Internet for solace and I fell in love with a blog. Little did I know that blog would change my life. Since September of 2007, Blogging4Jobs.com has been my home, my lifeline as I traveled down this new and unchartered course I unintentionally set myself upon.  Not technology savvy, I had a knack and genuine interest in differentiating myself as an expert in Oklahoma City which is why I started my blog.  I remember spending an hour trying to set up my RSS feed on my first blog. Blogging was hard because it was new, but I found my way. I blogged my way right out of a job and while developing my own personal brand, I’ve also made myself nearly unhirable in a traditional way.

While I had been using dating websites starting in 2001, craigslist and Myspace to recruit candidates, blogging was a relatively new thing for me. I wanted to establish myself as a brand, demonstrate my ability to learn new things, and create a resource that ultimately would become a community for me. And when I say community, I only intended for my local metropolitan community. Guess, that didn’t really go as planned, and that’s okay with me.

The Development of My Approach to Human Capital

Having a background in recruiting and human resources, I’ve always taken a more overarching approach to viewing, learning and understanding things. I like to think this is because my academic background is rooted in social sciences, business management and Anthropology. I focused on business anthropology which really isn’t all that different than I do now. My job is to spot trends in the world of work and human capital management with an eye on talent and technology. Sounds just like that budding anthropologist I always wanted to be.

Blogging4Jobs has become a blog with 300,000 plus monthly views and more than 17 contributors on the site. It’s more than surpassed what I dreamed it would do.  We, Blogging4Jobs get people uncomfortable with the world of work. I’m proud of my blog. Like our life, careers and intentions change and evolve based on our passions, circumstances and just good timing. This site is the next stage in the evolution of me. It’s a research based blog focused on the art and science of work.  It’s workology.

I first, introduced my concept of Workology in 2007 to a group of professionals at a conference in Oklahoma City and I finally blogged about it in 2012. It’s the next phase in the evolution of me.

I want this blog to reflect and reach the person I would be in the position I would have been if I’d stayed in the corporate world. Less edgy and more meaty topics will be discussed with a focus on visual and white papers because a 500 word blog post isn’t always enough. I’ve set aside a Research Section that will focus more on my look at the world we work in.  Insights Section serves as this blog where I’ll write but with a different audience than Blogging4Jobs in mind. I want senior leaders in HR, Operations and Technology to sit down, get comfortable and join the evolution and understand how human capital is connected to absolutely everything. I hope that we evolve together with Workology.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell is the founder of Workology, a digital resource that reaches more than a half million HR and workplace leaders each month and host of the Workology Podcast. Jessica lives in Austin, TX, with her husband, daughter, and an assortment of furry family members.

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  1. @Nikki2987 says

    Congrats on all your success Jessica! I look forward to following your new adventure!
    Wishing you all the success along with heaps of happiness,

  2. Zoed Vega says

    I am very proud to be part of the audience of your new Workology.com “A New Chapter in My Work Evolution”. I have become a fan of your writing. I do absolutely love blogging4jobs, it is my favorite. I also look forward in following your new adventure. You are uniquely different and that is why I read your blog. I have shared your website with my other HR friends on Facebook.



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