Why You Got Fired After the Holiday Work Party

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At the business holiday party, employees start to celebrate the end of the year with their coworkers, supervisors, and other colleagues. Employees can’t wait for the forthcoming holiday party because they can let loose, but your HR department and boss are living the worst nightmare. Managers worry about the possible workplace challenges, drama, and fallout […]

Using SEO for Your Company Career Site and Landing Page

EO for HR and recruitment strategies

SEO Strategies to Build a Qualified Candidate Pipeline When it comes to job posting and recruitment strategies, I favor a mix between social media, SEO, content distribution, and the use of more traditional job boards.  Strategies like this are not one size fits all but involve a number of moving parts driving web traffic in […]

SEC, NFL, & Marines Say, "No Tweets for You."

New Social Media policy for Soldiers

First the NFL, the Marines, and now the SEC.  Is your company next? What a difference a year makes.  Twitter and other social media platforms like Facebook and Friendfeed have grown at an enormous rate over the last 12 months.  According to Quantcast, a website quantifier, there were 26.5 Million Twitter users in the United States in June 2009 compared to a little more than […]

The Role of RSS Job Feeds in Social Recruitment

This is a Workology series discussing social recruiting. Click here to get started from the beginning. Advertising has been a great source of candidates in the history of recruitment and hiring. In the early days word of mouth or business signage was used to turn customers into candidates at our shops and places of business. […]

How to Retain Unsatisfied Employees

Tips for retaining unsatisfied employees

Learn practical strategies for retaining unsatisfied employees. Explore the importance of stay interviews, feedback, & workplace flexibility.

Giving Positive Feedback in the Workplace

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Positive Feedback In the Workplace It seems that a lot of what we talk about in HR and management involves rules and policies. We make sure policies are updated as laws change and discipline employees who can’t seem to follow the rules. When we are so caught up in such things, it can be hard […]