Is this the first Vine resume?

The First of Vine Resumes

Is this the first Vine resume?

You have, of course, heard of video resumes. But what do you think of Vine Resumes? Yes, video resumes that are six seconds long! Kudos to Dawn Siff for being the first.


Just in case that was all too fast for you. She said, “Idea machine Dawn Siff. Journalist. Strategist. Manager. Deadline Jedi.” I hear the #vineresume was a result of a panel discussion at The Daily Muse.

Hat tip to Lars Schmidt, Head of Talent Acquisition and Innovation @NPR for scoring a vine interview with Dawn Siff immediately after the birth of the (soon to be?) viral meme.


And one more thing to help this meme along. Check out what Dawn Siff has in the summary of her LinkedIn profile. “Why You should hire me — in 6 seconds: #VineResume” That’s just good thinking!

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Kudos again to you Dawn Siff! And please do let us know how the job search is coming along.

Jessica Miller-Merrell

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