7 New & Emerging HR and Recruiting Blogs

A List of Active HR & Recruiting Blogs to Check Out

Check out my extensive list of active HR & Recruiting blogs

It’s no secret that I love blogging. It’s something I love and I live to do. My consulting business is built on the basis of social media, blogging included. As an early adopter to the world of HR blogging circa 2007, I’ve seen human resources blogs come and I’ve seen them go.  There are a million things maybe a billion things to blog about in this space. That’s what I love most about the industry of HR, learning, understanding and hearing different blogger’s points of view.

My Favorite New HR & Recruiting Blogs

When it comes to blogging and online influencers, our industry is changing and the new power is in the blogger or practitioner with a community. Blogging remains not only a great networking tool but a learning and sharing resource for the often lonely life working HR. Even more important, blogging happens in real time so issues, resources and relevant topics can be shared, discussed and learned about in real time.

  • Recruiter ChicksChris Havrilla and Teela Jackson provide great insights into the world of hiring and recruitment. Their blog is informative and fun. They are equally as fun in real life. Invite them for a cocktail. 
  • RURelevantJustin Harris is an HR practitioner who is known as the Unlikely HR Guy. I like his style and point of view.
  • Christopher in HR. Christopher has a great book review project that he shares on his website among other really great HR blogs. I’m excited that he’s blogging ALOT more as of late.
  • HR Gal FridayI love Twitter and @HRGalFriday is very social. It’s clear she’s fun and I enjoy reading her blog. She covers a wide range of HR and recruiting topics.
  • HR NastyDon’t let the name of the blog fool you. It’s a great HR blog that covers topics anonymously and without the BS. Go rogue with HR Nasty – do it.
  • The HR Field GuideNot only does this blog have a fabulous url but it provides great insights into the role and responsibilities of the HR practitioner. I love their use of graphics and photos on the site.
  • Interview GeekMillenials are the new majority workforce, and it’s important as recruiters and HR to understand these often misunderstood points of view. This blog provides has a wide range of topics and is a resource to tap into the thoughts and mind of the new Millenial worker.

List of Human Resources Blogs

What emerging HR and recruiting blogs do you love to read or have stumbled upon? I’d love for you to leave a suggestion or your favorite new HR blog below. I keep a running list that changes as I locate new and active blogs in the field of Human Resources and Recruiting at a sister site I’ve had for a couple years.


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  1. Dominique Rodgers says

    I second Chris. I am thrilled and flattered beyond belief to be included in this list. I’ve been reading most of these blogs already and had no idea they were “new” or “emerging”, because they are THAT good. I am honored to be in their company and honored to be chosen by you. Thank you!

    Dominique – HRGF

  2. mimi says

    I have read every single post on on blogging4jobs since I stumbled across it on forbes list of HR blogs.


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