Attitude is Everything Part 2: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

The ATTITUDE Formula

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One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say. – Bryant H. McGill

Respect is one of the most misused and misunderstood attitudes.  When respect is not felt between people, it becomes a silent death sentence to the business relationship.  It negatively affects team synergy, productivity and the bottom line!  If you’re 40+ years of age or older, you were taught that respect is something you are given based on your rank, title, status or privilege.   The higher you are on the corporate ladder, the more respect you get!  Well…that’s not exactly how it works.

Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE had a vision:

Jack Welch‘s goal was to make GE “the world’s most competitive enterprise.” He knew that it would take nothing less than a “revolution” to transform that dream into a reality. “The model of business in corporate America in 1980 had not changed in decades. Workers worked, managers managed, and everyone knew their place. Forms and approvals and bureaucracy ruled the day.” Welch’s self-proclaimed revolution meant waging war on GE’s old ways of doing things and reinventing the company from top to bottom.

Today, GE with its unique learning culture and boundary-less organization is one of the most admired company’s in the world. The techniques and ideas that Welch has employed to move GE forward are applicable to any size corporation, small, medium, or large. So if Jack Welch, the legendary leader of GE can transform his organization, why can’t others’ follow in his footsteps?  What’s so hard about it??

Let’s follow the ATTITUDE formula in Part 2 of this 8 parts series:

  • Would you like to find more value and acceptance in, “Who your boss IS” instead of focusing on who he isn’t?
  • Would you like to find more value and acceptance in, “Your daily work expectations” instead of focusing on what isn’t your responsibility?
  • Would you like to find more value and acceptance in, “Who your co-workers ARE” instead of focusing on who they aren’t??

If you answered YES! …Then proceed to the next section of learning more about how to give respect and get respect in the workplace!

  1. Pick one of the 3 relationships – Boss, Work Expectations, or Co-Workers to focus on.
  2. When you think of the relationship, do you feel a level of frustration or anxiety? (psst! – This is the emotion that is driving your non-useful behavior!)
  3. Ask yourself, “What am I demanding about the relationship?”  (When we feel a steady stream of frustration or anxiety, we’ve slipped into being very demanding on the job…and we’re on the losing end of having synergistic relationships.)
  4. Ask yourself, “Can I always get what I want?”… “How is what I am about to say or do going to impact the business relationship?”

Let’s explore the 2nd attitude

That will help you get out of your judgment of frustration or anxiety and put your focus back on your work relationship needs!

Respect – I think Jack Welch sums it up nicely in his chart below:

Jack Welch leadership



We’re all smart people.  Of course everything you’re reading makes a whole lot of sense.  But like anything else, you MUST put the Attitude of Respect into practice!

Go back to the questions earlier and utilize the Attitude of Respect.

Respect allows you to “meet people where they’re at” instead of going into a situation with preconceived notions.  Building a tool box of useful attitudes will allow you to manage your frustration and anxiety…i.e. your judgment!

You’ve got 2 now – Curiosity and Respect.  How do they inform the situation?  The Relationship?  Remember: Useful attitudes allow for more conscious and intentional decisions.  You don’t wake up and choose to be frustrated or anxious, do you?  But will you wake up and choose to become a great leader?  Stay tuned for the next attitude…

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