15 Employer Resources for Hiring People With Autism

Researchers estimate that as many as 70-90% of people with autism are unemployed and will experience longterm unemployment. College and university graduates with autism aren’t excluded from this trend, with 85% of recent graduates with autism experiencing longterm unemployment, even while the national average is 4.5%.

CEOs now rank diversity and inclusion as a top organizational priority, but even as companies have made progress on closing wage gaps or diversifying their executive leadership, overall employment for people with autism still lags. That’s because few corporate diversity strategies prioritize hiring people with disabilities or who are neurodivergent, and even fewer organizations have established best practices for accommodations and support.

It’s also because too many prejudiced leaders believe that people with autism are burdens – for whom onerous accommodations must be made – and not the assets they truly are.

15 Employer Resources for Hiring People With Autism

Here are 15 employer-oriented resources to help you rethink your diversity and inclusion strategy to include people with autism, and to help you understand the value these employees will bring to your organization:

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