The Benefits of Recruiting & Sourcing with YouTube Videos

Using videos as part of your job posting and employer branding

The Benefits of Recruiting & Sourcing with YouTube Videos

Any social media platform, chat room, or forum is game to recruit, hire, and source from including the second most popular search engine, YouTube.  Finding creative ways to recruit is not only fun but it allows you to engage that passive candidate audience who aren’t just looking actively for work yet.  You can find them.  For recruiters and companies looking to build an employer brand using video, the plan is to share information and resources about your company using a variety of targeted channels based on where your candidates go with the goal of driving them to one single place, your careers site to join your talent community or apply directly for open positions.

Recruiting and the Power of Video for Employer Brand

Videos are the most intimate way to develop relationships online, even though Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram can be utilized as recruiting and candidate pipeline channels. I’ve long been a fan of video and have used it to foster relationships even before Google Hangouts became popular. I was the host of the weekly Job Search Secrets internet television show from 2009 to 2011. It can be expensive and time-consuming to create high-quality recorded video footage, which makes it much simpler to stand out if a company uses the platform to create an effective employer branding or workforce marketing campaign. Some key aspects regarding hiring using video, notably YouTube, are included in the infographic below. Here are the highlights:

– The average YouTube visitor spends 15 minutes watching videos.  This is a substancial amount when you take into consideration, my average website visitor spends a little over 2 minutes here on Blogging4Jobs.

– Job postings with video have 34% more candidate applications.  No word from the infographic if candidate quality increases, but it would seem likely as videos are SEO gold driving targeted and specific job seekers.  Video appears in the top 100 search engine results 70% of the time.

– YouTube’s demographic is extremely broad with visitors ranging from 18-54.  I’m sorry but isn’t that the majority of people on the Internet?  A closer look on age demographics courtesy of ComScore tells us that 46% YouTube visitors are 18-24. Keep in mind that Facebook’s is 50%, and Twitter is 39%.

Have you used videos as part of your job posting, employer branding or workforce marketing strategies?  I’d love to hear  your thoughts. Take a look at previous posts about how to hire on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  
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