What Are the Fastest Growing Fields?

what are the fasted growing fields

Both in Canada and the US, the unemployment rate has dropped significantly since 2012, which is great news. Both markets are sitting at about 6-7% unemployment. As a result of this drop, our economies are once again beginning to thrive. During this time, a few industries have seen a major boost in demand for their product. This means that some fields are quickly expanding with a need to fill positions fast. If you’re still wondering which path is right for you, that’s okay! Just know that many of these fields aren’t just booming right now, they’re evergreen industries that always seem to need qualified specialists.

What Are the Fastest Growing Fields?


Home Care

It’s safe to say that until robots can heal us, we are going to need people to do it. All joking aside, markets like senior care and elderly home care are currently seriously lacking sufficient help. As patients age, many become unable to manage day to day tasks and truly need assistance on a daily basis. However, the number of individuals not receiving this type of care continues to grow. Canadian sites predict that the senior care/home care market will continue to rise about 19% over the next 5 years and in the US it could be up to 24%. Home health aide jobs are expected to rise up to 48% over the next seven years, which means around 600,000 open positions.

Digital Marketing

In some of the largest cities in North America, digital marketing attributes to a large portion of current employment opportunities. This field includes social media marketers, digital marketing accounts coordinators, and digital marketing analysts. If online marketing continues to rise through multiple social media forums such as twitter, facebook, and instagram, the US projects it will see a 20% increase over the next 5 years. Canadian career sites report that marketing manager positions remain one of the hardest positions to fill due to a lack of qualified applicants.

Childcare Services

Teachers, day care professionals, and social workers are all needed under the childcare services umbrella. Educator positions in Canada are projected to rise around 9% in the coming years, while childhood managers in social, community, and correctional services are projected at around 19%. In the US predictions have been made for social workers to see an increase of about 12% and educators to see a jump of around 7%.


Some startling predictions have been made about automation costing millions their jobs. However, it’s safe to say that, for right now, automated workers still need humans. There are always folks behind the scenes making technology work harder for us. As such, Canadian experts project the IS/IT field to grow 9% over the next 5 years. US projections say it should grow as much as 19%. What’s more, information security analysts and software engineers are two of the most difficult positions for employers to find qualified candidates for.

Sometimes searching for a job can become discouraging because it seems so black and white. You may spend countless hours searching for that perfect job in your related field, but one degree may actually apply to dozens of qualifying fields. Don’t be afraid to explore all of your options and think outside of the box. One reason that job hunting can become so tiresome is the fact that job sites are often times a black hole for resumes. Employers are getting so many submissions a day that they don’t know where to start. So, trying a new method of contact is always a great idea. Networking with fellow students and checking out job placement services are both ways to get you in contact with someone who can help you find the best job for you right now.

Each of the aforementioned fields provide separate, but equally lucrative career opportunities. The best thing that any career person can do is adapt to their area of expertise. If you are truly passionate about your field of study, then stick with it and see where it goes. Be prepared to change with the times and know that things might not always be easy. With that being said, the greatest thing about your career is that you can always change it. You are not defined by the degree you achieve or the job that you choose.


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  1. Caitlyn says

    Lovely and informative article Trisha!

    Very much agree with digital marketing as a growing field. Marketing strategies through online platforms will only get more and more prominent as technology advances.

    With e-commerce and O2O strategies playing as crucial of a function as ever before, along with newer concepts like live streaming becoming increasingly used (especially by luxury and fashion brands at events), people that can excel in and understand digital marketing in all it’s aspects will no doubt be invaluable in the coming years and see much demand in their abilities!


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