Top 10 Sessions at #HRTechConf

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Top 10 Sessions at #HRTechConf

With only three days of conference sessions, expo hall madness, and parties galore, here’s our guide on the best sessions to attend at this year’s HR Tech conference. Did we miss a favorite? Let us know in the comments.

*Opening Keynote* Radical Openness: Previously Unthinkable Principles for Success: The opening keynote gives you insight into how our changing HR landscape is doing just that, changing. Learn how to be successful with all the new technologies, social interactions, and everything in between. Read more. Monday, Oct  7, 845-10am

Abandon All Guilt, Ye Who Enter Here! A Starter’s Guide to Workforce Analytics: You’ll always see me put some type of analytics session when writing about HR conferences. This session has been offered at numerous other conferences and speaks on the importance of Workforce Analytics. Read more. Monday, Oct 7, 11-1215pm

Tilly’s Manages Millennial Employees and Customers: I’m hoping this session won’t be about how difficult millennial employees are and how they have to treat them like little kids. I’m putting it on the list because I’m hoping the perspective from this panel will help everyone get this distorted view of millennial individuals out of their mind. Read more. Monday, Oct 7, 3:15 – 430pm

Recognition Technology Gives JetBlue a Lift: One of our favorite speakers, Eric Mosley, alongside Michael Elliott, gives a talk over how recognition plays an important role in employee management. Read more. Tuesday, Oct 8, 11-12:15pm

HR Tech Talks: Modeled after the famous TED Talk series, HR Tech Talks will educate you on the new technologies out there and why the panel is passionate about them. Read more. Tuesday, Oct 8, 11-12:15pm

How Mobile, Social and Gamification Tools Are Improving Employee Health: Gamification and employee health is something that is trending right now in the HR space and this talk will give you good insight into how these two consultants take a look at this community. Read more. Tuesday, Oct 8, 4-515pm

MOOCs, Mobile, and the LMS: Learning System Strategies in 2013: Just because I like to nerd out to anything mobile and the LMS intrigues me, I added this to our list. It’s also being paneled by the Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Josh Bersin, and VP of Research, David Mallon which makes it that much more awesome. Read more. Tuesday, Oct 8, 4-515pm

Pepsi Accepts the Challenge of the Cloud for HR: The “HR cloud” is one of the most popular uses of technology for big companies. See how Pepsi does it so well. Read more. Tuesday, Oct 8, 4-515pm

HR’s Role in Social and Collaboration: This is a small group discussion with five of the world’s most important and powerful experts in HR technology. Read more. Wednesday, Oct 9, 9-10:15am

*Closing Keynote* Where Are We Going? What Have We Learned?: Take a look at where big data is going and what we’ve learned over the years in the closing keynote. It’s one you won’t want to miss! Read more. Wednesday, Oct 9, 1030-1130am

What sessions are you attending and why? Let us know! 

Check out more insights for #HRTechConf by checking out our unofficial party guidebest places to eat in Vegas, & Vegas for beginners

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