Vegas for Beginners #SHRM2023

The SHRM Annual Conference & Expo is June 11-14 in Las Vegas! If it’s your first time in Vegas we have some great tips for you.

Finding Inspiration: 19 Affirmations for HR and Workplace Leaders

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In January of this year, I committed myself to self-development and really digging into some areas that need my personal attention. You know the ones. They are those things about yourself that you know are there, but you choose to look past them and avoid them because it’s easier to do so. In order to […]

Don’t Let the Man Bring You Down

Workplace Oppression and the Psychology of Work

How Does Your Childhood Define You? My childhood was unique.  It was unusual, and I was blessed.  I had a mother and a father who loved me each and every single day.  They continue to do so even now.  We lived in Kansas, a very conservative and Republican state.  Our family didn’t quite fit in, […]