The Value of a Hand-Written Thank You Note

It used to be that hand-written thank you notes or cards were standard operating procedure in polite society after an interview or an informational meeting. If someone didn’t send one, it was a major faux pas.

The Value of a Hand-Written Thank You Note

In our modern society, we have moved away from the hand-written anything, so it’s not necessarily such an egregious broach in protocol not to write out a thank you note for someone by hand. One can just as easily get away with a thoughtful thank you email, and you won’t be docked politeness points.

However, just because you can get away with it doesn’t mean that it’s not better to write out your thank you by hand, and the reasons for this are the same today as they were in years past… plus some new added benefits.

It takes time and money (if you mail it). Which may seem like a drawback, but for the person you’re writing, it will show them how much you truly appreciate what they did because you’re willing to put forth the effort of writing a card out by hand.

It’s more personal. Yes, typing up an email also allows you to get your own thoughts down, but there’s something about the imperfect nature of writing something out by hand that makes it feel like a more personal gesture.

It will stand out. As stated right at the beginning, no one writes thank you notes out by hand anymore. If you are one of the few that does, it will immediately make you stand out and cause the receiver to think of you and the effort you put forth.

In short, it can help increase your chances of landing the job. If you’re concerned about the letter getting to the interviewer in a timely manner, it’s also acceptable to drop by the office and politely ask the receptionist if he or she will deliver the note for you. There’s even a chance that you’ll run into the interviewer again, giving you another opportunity to connect and make a positive impression.

What is your favorite kind of thank you?


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Juliana Weiss-Roessler

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