Six Must Have Ingredients for Filling the Hard to Fill Req’s

Blueprints for Success for Filling in the Right Candidate

Even sourcers who push the envelope have hard to fill reqs that are collecting dust on the aging reports.  It happens, and probably more frequently then we care to admit.  When it comes to filling the “really” hard to fill searches having these ingredients in place will usually create a positive outcome.  Use this guide in reverse to figure out where the chink in the armor is for your search.  If even one step is skipped the likely hood of filling your search in quick order goes from slim to nearly impossible.

6 Must Haves

YOU MUST have a clear blue print of your search. Years ago, real estate investors often would say “you make your money when you buy.”  The same is true for sourcing, you make your placement in the intake session.  If you skip this step you are in for an uphill battle from the beginning.  Its important to set the job description aside and get to the bottom of what the hiring manager is REALLY looking for.  While culture is important, hiring managers will often try to give you must have’s that are soft skills.  Try to make sure your hot points are easily quantifiable, hard skills.  Also, try to avoid common mistakes like really testing how high they will go with compensation, if its too low, or if the role will likely require relocation.
Create a Game Plan. Now that you have a blue print and a solid understanding of both WHAT the hiring manager is looking for moreover a grasp of WHY this person is needed for the organization you can put together your sourcing strategy.  Given there are about 20~ working days in a month, a 20 day plan is probably a good place to start.  Make sure you set aside 1 hour a day for social media outreach around this search.
Scorched earth. While there are many (including myself) that agree that outbound sourcing is getting a diminishing return compared to just 24 months ago due to the sheer visibility of candidates its still the best way to quickly get candidates in process.  Keep your search strings tight and crank out 500-1000 contacts.  Email, inmail, phone, twitter (DM’s only), etc.  Whatever your medium of choice is.  Its important to get this effort cranked out in the first 72 hours of the process started.  If you focus, you can crank through 1000 contacts in 2 business days no problem.
Control the candidate ecosystem. Make sure your message is not only being directed to candidates directly but indirectly.  If you are not already contributing to groups, blogs, and online communities in the verticals your recruit in, now would be a good time to start.  Do not just repost content from other sources.  Even if you have to evergreen (repurpose) the content, give it your own personal touch.  Make sure your profile within the communities makes it easy for candidates to reach out to you if they are interested.
Jab, Jab, Jab, Punch. Remember when recruiting within communities to not push an opportunity unless you have invested in that community.  This is where the evergreen or original content comes in.  Its important that the community you are interested recruiting from knows you are a genuine member and is not just trying to poach.
Hiring Manager Buy In. One of the worse things to happen to a sourcer or recruiter is to watch their hard work and great candidates pushed aside because a hiring manager is unresponsive or cannot make a firm decision on what he or she wants.  This is why a solid intake/blueprint session is so critical.  It allows the sourcer or recruiter to hold feet to the fire when it comes time to make an offer.  Its important to spend some time keeping the hiring manager involved in the process.  Its amazing how much a two line email at the end of each day will do to keep your hiring managers in the know.  In fact, your greatest source for evergreen content and to recruit the most stubborn of passive candidates is your hiring manager.

Six Must Have Ingredients for Filling the Hard to Fill Req’s

What has helped you fill those positions that seem impossible? Let us know!

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