The Value of a Hand-Written Thank You Note

Why Handwritten Thank You Note is Still Relevant in Today's Digital Age

It used to be that hand-written thank you notes or cards were standard operating procedure in polite society after an interview or an informational meeting. If someone didn’t send one, it was a major faux pas. The Value of a Hand-Written Thank You Note In our modern society, we have moved away from the hand-written […]

How to Find Accomplishments to List on Your Resume

Transforming Responsibilities into Accomplishments: How to Highlight Your Success in Your Resume

Often when people sit down to write their resume, they automatically think in terms of responsibilities. “I had to take notes, fax people, and answer phones.” This is natural. They probably asked themselves what they did at work, and that made them think of a list of tasks. Having these things is fine, because you […]

How to Put Together a Resume Fast

Effectively Updating Your Resume Quickly

Ideally, you want to take time on your resume. After all, it can make the difference between landing the job and being passed over. But there are many situations where you don’t have that luxury. When an unexpected job opportunity arises, you need to take advantage of it now, or it could be filled by […]

5 Surprising Work Changes that Can Increase Your Productivity

employee productivity, work productivity, workplace, changes

Everybody knows some tips that can make them more productive—“remove distractions,” “get organized,” and even “use an ergonomic chair” are so familiar now that they are almost clichés.   5 Surprising Work Changes that Can Increase Your Productivity   But that doesn’t mean that you know everything. The following five changes that can increase your […]

6 Web Apps That Will Help You Land Your Next Job

Best Apps To Look for Jobs

The job market is a mess. Even with unemployment on an (agonizingly slow) downward trend, there just don’t seem to be enough jobs out there for the people that need them. That means when good jobs do become available, the fight to land them tends to be fast and furious. You need to know about […]