6 Web Apps That Will Help You Land Your Next Job

The job market is a mess. Even with unemployment on an (agonizingly slow) downward trend, there just don’t seem to be enough jobs out there for the people that need them.

That means when good jobs do become available, the fight to land them tends to be fast and furious. You need to know about openings the second they happen, get your resume in immediately, and hopefully have someone on the inside that can put in a good word for you. Basically, there’s little room for error, and if you make a misstep, you’re probably not going to get the job you want.

All of which would be fine if you were putting all your eggs in one basket and concentrating on a single company and a particular position there, but most of us can’t afford to be that single-minded. We’re searching everywhere all the time just hoping for a job that fits our skillset to open up and for us to see it at the right time.

Naturally, getting this kind of timing right isn’t easy, but luckily technology today is lending a helping hand in the form of some awesomely useful web apps that can really help with your search.

Here are 6 of the best apps that everyone looking for a job should be using.

Worksolver. It’s all in who you know, right? Worksolver knows how important networking is in getting the job you want, so they’ve created an app that uses an associative linking interface to help you connect with people and companies easily. Just as importantly, their organizational system makes sure you never lose track of who’s who.

JobServe. Lots of apps today keep you connected to your job search while you’re out and about by sending you alerts and updates, but JobServe Connect takes mobile job hunting one step further by letting you use GPS find nearby listings so you can head over and take a look in person. After you finish that latte, of course.

Jibber Jobber. Did you apply to that company yet? For this job, or another one? And is it Bill H. that works in HR there or Bill C.? If you want to keep your search organized, Jibber Jobber is the way to go. It will help you to manage every aspect of your job hunt, even whether or not you sent a follow-up message after applying or interviewing.

Interview Pro. Are you great at getting in the door but bad at closing? Doing well in a job interview is a learned skill, but Interview Pro can make it easier by providing questions, explanations, and suggested answers for more than 80 common interview questions

Resume Builder Online. What if you see the job of your dreams but you don’t feel like your resume is up to par? Resume Builder Online has a fantastic resume building tool that lets you utilize a simple drop down menu to fill in common resume sections. You can create multiple resumes for different kinds of jobs and save them to your computer, and each resume you create can be output to a variety of design templates without having to reformat anything.

Bloglines. Wait, isn’t Bloglines basically an aggregator to put all of the blogs you want to read in one place? Technically, yes, but RSS feed readers like this one are a great way to help your job search. Simply create parameters for a specific kind of job search at a site like Monster.com, but don’t save it. Instead, scroll to the bottom, click RSS, and choose your RSS reader of choice. Whenever new jobs with those parameters are posted, they’ll be automatically sent to you. Do this for every job site you use and you’ll get everything in one place.

Which Apps will you be using?

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Juliana Weiss-Roessler

Juliana Weiss-Roessler is a professional freelance writer and resume writer based in Los Angeles. She's written hundreds of resume, cover letters, and thank you letters in a wide variety of fields. You can learn more about her work at www.weissroessler.com.


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