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3 Ways to Re-Engage Your Workforce

Boosting Employee Engagement in 3 Ways

As you look around at your workforce, it’s likely only about a third of your employees are actually engaged in their roles. According to a survey by Towers Watson, most of your workforce has either detached or completely disengaged from their positions. A further 22 percent feel unsupported by your company. Obviously, employee engagement is […]

Six Must Have Ingredients for Filling the Hard to Fill Req’s

Blueprints for Success for Filling in the Right Candidate

Even sourcers who push the envelope have hard to fill reqs that are collecting dust on the aging reports.  It happens, and probably more frequently then we care to admit.  When it comes to filling the “really” hard to fill searches having these ingredients in place will usually create a positive outcome.  Use this guide […]

The Value of a Hand-Written Thank You Note

Why Handwritten Thank You Note is Still Relevant in Today's Digital Age

It used to be that hand-written thank you notes or cards were standard operating procedure in polite society after an interview or an informational meeting. If someone didn’t send one, it was a major faux pas. The Value of a Hand-Written Thank You Note In our modern society, we have moved away from the hand-written […]