7 Upskill HR Courses for SPHR Certified Professionals

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As a certified HR professional myself, recertification is a challenge: especially when it comes to SPHR, GPHR and California PHR certifications. I never, ever, ever want to have to take those tests again so I work hard to maintain my credentials through education. It’s important for me in my continuing HR education to want to push myself and go beyond the standard run-of-the-mill topics. While I want to maintain my certification, I also want to push myself to be a more well-rounded HR professional.

Finding SPHR Recertification Credits in Upskill HR by Workology

It’s because of that and my own SPHR designation that I’ve taken special care to collect and focus on business recertification-specific courses in Upskill HR. While we have over 25 courses and counting, here are 7 of my favorites. They are a mix of podcasts and webinars for you to watch at a time that’s convenient for you.

1. Why You Need Happy Employees and How to Get Them – 1.0 Business Credit

In this tight job market, employee engagement, retention and hiring the happiest and most productive workers is on every recruiter and hiring manager’s mind. In this webcast, we will discuss tactics and strategies for hiring happy employees, how to keep them, and how to understand the science behind engagement, motivation and happiness. This webinar is especially critical for managers to understand since they interface with most of your employees every single day. Click here to access the course.

2. Elevate Your Good Faith Recruiting Efforts with Digital – 1.0 Business Credit

Not a week doesn’t go by where you hear news about an organization who isn’t diverse among their STEM employees, board members or staff. For companies, being diverse is serious business. For companies who are federal contractors, having a strong diversity program is part of their corporate obligations. And for companies who don’t meet those corporate obligations, the result can be costly and time-consuming with settlement costs ranging from $165,000 to $1.8 million not to mention countless audits, meetings and time spent on additional paperwork for alleged violations according to BLR. Learn how to embrace diversity recruiting focused on the larger business plan and strategy in addition to your federal DOL and OFCCP requirements. Click here to access the course.

3. Understanding Workforce and HR Metrics – 1.0 Business Credits

This presentation looks at how data, metrics and workforce analytics are used by senior business decisions at the executive level in terms of making significant organizational decisions. We will discuss how data science, statistics and its analysis impact human capital and can be used to make critical business decisions including growth, expansion and location closures to drive the future success and/or survival of the business. Big data and the use of workforce metrics, measurements and analytics grows in importance for HR and recruiters looking to explain a business case for what they do. This webinar will provide foundational information, common metrics and best practices in using HR metrics and analytics to establish a baseline of performance, develop your human capital strategies, and communicate your department’s value in a way that resonates with your CEO and leadership team. Click here to access the course.

4. How to Measure Success in Employment Branding Analytics – 1.0 Business Credits

Employment branding is all the rage these days, but it’s more than the number of followers on your Twitter account or number of views on your latest YouTube video. Learn how to leverage analytics and dashboard metrics to support as well as elevate your employment branding efforts while also aligning them with the larger recruitment and business branding strategy. Learn how to communicate and report your efforts to your CEO while working with marketing and operations demonstrating the larger impact on your employment branding efforts and how your analytics helps unify the entire businesses efforts from employee retention and engagement efforts to marketing and customer acquisition that aligns with branding and long-term business strategies. Click here to access the course.

5. Strategic HR and How to Think Like a CEO Podcast – 1.0 Business Credits

This collection of podcasts talks with former HR senior leaders who are providing insight into what it takes to be the CHRO and how to best engage and build relationships with members of the executive team. It’s not just about thinking like a CEO. It’s about building relationships while speaking the language of your leadership peers. Click here to access the course.

6. Recruiting Innovation Starts with Process Podcast – 1 Business Credits

This two-podcast bundle takes a look at how to innovate in recruitment, starting with processes and establishing a foundation to increase candidate quality while also focusing on employee retention and culture fit at your company. Click here to access the course.

7. Powerful Veterans and Diversity Recruiting Best Practices – 1.0 Business Credits

The move towards recruiting diverse and veteran job seekers is growing as companies look for better ways to reach a targeted group of job seekers to increase company revenues and productivity. This group of eligible workers’ skills and experience are as complex as is the workforce recruiting and employment development plan for reaching, training and retaining these diverse and former military employees. Learn how diversity and veteran recruiting serves multiple purposes as part of your affirmative action plan, good PR and most importantly, your effort to recruit experienced and diverse professionals to your company. Learn best practices from companies including large enterprise organizations that have robust and active diversity and veteran recruiting strategies. Hear from our experts on what works, what doesn’t, and how these recruiting efforts have positively impacted their company. The results may just surprise you. Click here to access the course.

The Upskill HR by Workology system has 65+ courses available and counting for all your HR recertification needs. We offer monthly, annual and team plans.

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