5 Podcasts to Get Started with Upskill HR by Workology

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Did you know that listening to the Workology Podcast can earn you SHRM and HRCI recertification credits? For our podcast, we’ve interviewed over 100 HR and business leaders from companies like Zappos, Gap, Accenture, and Southwest. Because you’re an Upskill HR subscriber, you can soak in their insights while earning recertification credits at the same time!

About Podcasts on Upskill HR

Podcasts on Upskill HR are part of the Workology Podcast, but are grouped together as lessons and specially approved for HRCI and SHRM recertification credits. This means you can listen to one podcast and wait to listen to the second or third whenever it fits your schedule. You receive one certification for each podcast grouping. These are perfect for the car and in between work meetings.

Five of Our Favorite Podcasts on Upskill HR

Here are five courses that involve little more than sitting back, enjoying the podcast, and downloading your certificate at the end of the broadcast.

1. HR Technology Process

Take a look at how technology can create centralization in your HR or recruiting efforts, and help provide you with opportunities to engage, relate and ultimately hire the best talent in other ways. This two-podcast bundle looks at combining talent and technology to drive process and performances in HR and recruiting. Click here to access.

2. Workplace Culture According to Zappos and Southwest

This three-podcast bundle takes a look at how some of the most innovative and profitable companies in the world, including Zappos and Southwest, are focused on culture as a differentiator in their business. Learn how to hire for culture fit and how you can create a workplace culture that keeps your employees at your workplace. Click here to access.

3. FLSA, FLMA, ADA and Workers Compensation

A collection of three podcasts that discuss: the proposed changes to the FLSA; updates and new information surrounding the FLMA, ADA and Worker’s Compensation; and workplace discrimination. Hear from several employment law attorneys and HR consultants who specialize in these fields and others areas that involve consulting with HR professionals and businesses every single day. Click here to access.

4. Employee Optimism and Mental Health Podcast

This two-podcast bundle looks at employee optimism and how to get the most out of your employees while also taking a look at the increasing numbers of employees who are experiencing mental health issues inside and outside of your offices. Learn how employee happiness and well being is influenced outside the workplace just as much as inside. Click here to access.

5. Military Recruiting Best Practices Podcast

A two-podcast bundle focused on military recruitment. Whether you are a federal contractor or an organization that is committed to hiring military veterans, you can learn from our experts. Find ways to engage exiting military members and use social media and online strategies to reach targeted audiences. Click here to access.

Not signed up for Upskill HR yet? Click here to learn how we make HR recertification and on-demand learning easy.

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